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great! Thank you :-)

Hi Sarah. I think I found a bug.

After getting Kays Soup I went to Cheaton and when I enter the house I escaped before (door is open) the game crashes with flashing lights. 

If you are interested I can send you the save game to test it. It's reproducable. 

Let's see what's comming. I need a little rest and this is all happening in my spare time. But I have sone new ideas in mind :-)

Hope you like the music. Turn up the volume! 

Thanks for your comment! I wish you a merry christmas and maybe fun with ED2 :-)

Thank you very much! :-)

Thanks for clarification. Have fun 😀

Hi. I will check if I missed something in the english version. It's fully working on my Ultimate64 without any issues. will check

Thanks for your feedback. This is the first time I'm releasing a game on a commercial base. So, learning is also an important part of the journey. 
Hope you will find some time for playing and enjoy.  

Thank you so much! :-)

Danke Patrick! Viel Spaß mit Teil 2!

Thank you! :-)

Thanks! Really looking forward for your feedbacks.

Thanks for your comment. I admit that I played pen&paper games back in those days and that they influenced the game style.

no, wrote it on my own.

Using C64 Studio as IDE.

ok, nice! :-)

Is this original movie material that's been used here? I'm just thinking about copyrights... or is this a public domain movie?

Thank you very much! :-)

Hey people! Hope you have/had a great time playing Evil Dungeon!?

Feel free to leave a few words or a rating.

There is something comming up in the next time. Stay tuned!

Yes, but not so long ago. Try it out for free.

oh, my latest game EVIL DUNGEON would had fit nicely to that theme. :-)