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Retro Plissken

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Ty so much for making this awesome game!

I love your games. Thank you for making them!

Thank you for making it. I love this game!

She's trying to give us nightmares!

The horror. The horror.

A rather intriguing experience......I think.

Amazing! The story is solid and engaging and the production values are movie quality. This game is a must play!

Holy freaking shoot that was scary!

That I did. Though I'm curious if you plan on making a game with exploration next?

Really enjoyed it. Made me laugh at parts and the artwork is lovely.

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Just beat the game for the first time. Tales of The Renegade Sector makes the best action games of our time!

Tried the game on steam. It works great! You make such cool games!

Just bought Venusian Vengeance and Cold Vengeance. I can't seem to get Venusion Vengeance to work because I need adobe flash? Already in love with Cold Vengeance though. :D

Best game I've played in a long time. Seriously it's like Resident Evil and Metal Gear got together to have a ninja baby.

Your very welcome.

No problemo.

Brilliant game with awesome jazz music. I loved it!

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This game was recommended to me by JenneMK. I really like it.