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Retro Henni

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Nice one, thanks Andy! :))

Chapeau, Antonio and your Piggy 18 Team. Action, puzzles, atmosphere. Great graphics and awesome tunes.
Thanks guys, you are keeping the retro world turning!

So nice to see you're still active, Karl. Thanks and merry xmas 🕹❤️

Lovely game. Saw it on AmigaBills stream first. I'm running it on my A500 with an ACA500Plus.
Keep up the work and retro gaming will never die :)

Absolutely agree to my pre-posters. Great game and perfect controls. I love this game. Gonna stream it soon :)
Carry on!

I love puzzle games. This reminds me of Atomix and some others in this genre. Worth playing!

Darn, this is what I call 'fast paced' blood pressure :)))
Nice tune, graphics and scrolling. Really good work!

P.S.: Spelled the title wrong in the vid...shame on me

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Kudos, a really nice game...gonna do a challenge with my wife soon :D

Opinions about games and effords like Sarah's will always polarize.
Away from all pros and cons, this game is great - like Hayes said - a Scramble kinda game with superb controls, graphics and music.
Carry on Sarah!

Chapeau Sarah! Instandly fell in love with Smokey 😍 Thanks for this great and long awaited game.

Karl Hörnell again! As a kid I loved to play Clean-Up Service...everlasting memories.
Gonna play this on real HW.
Thanks Karl!

Funny games. Played'em on real hardware with SD2IEC. The music is awesome too...chapeau to Richard Bayliss.