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Love it! fun idea, simple and addictive gameplay, appealing audio and graphics.

ah, woops, didn't see the arrow on the left side of the screen, lol

Really nice! i love the art style! I played the browser version, and i got stuck at the point where i had to go get a gift. i was in the town area, but i couldn't go into any buildings, go back home, or go to work either.

simple, but super fun. nice graphical effects too. And i love how most the screenshots are just pictures of wolverines, lol

This game is difficult, and poorly made, do not download it.

intersting. asylum demon is unbeatable though, i can't damage him.

Replied to TheDanaAddams in question.

alright, sounds cool.

i have another question. if I make my game a fighting game, is it ok if I make the nazi characters playable? i'd like to keep all the characters playable, the story will focus on the allies, and nazis will be the villians of the game.

Created a new topic question.

are there any rules/requirments or prizes for this jam?