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Really cool concept, the match 3 mechanic is interesting for a game jam, well put together for a game jam

Pretty as game, love the flat one color design and the audio, does things to my heart :D 

Love it, the musical notes are satisfying! SAVETHEBEES!

Trust me! I HAVE RAN THE NUMBERS 100x ! It just doesn't add up!!

Haha nah but cool game, love the concept, light hearted but thought provoking

That was fun, I like the use of the NPC , pretty awesome stuff, good job!

That was fun, I like the use of the NPC , pretty awesome stuff, good job!

Love this! the calm atmosphere actually reminds me of going out diving. The music is so good aswell!

Really cool game, love the way you have used the theme in your mechanics! Supra kewl, good job!

Pretty epic concept, I love these types of games! Awesome soundtrack aswell, do I feel a choreographed dance coming from this? :P


2 neighbors go head to head to see whos yard is the most immaculate before the yearly "Yard immacula-tion competition" . Take care of your yard while simultaneously sabotaging your enemies yard in the cover of darkness.

The idea behind this game with light and day was supposed to be multilayered. Sure on the surface the new day brings new grass and new challenges, But you also have the chance to sabotage your neighbors lawn under the cover of darkness without being spotted by your opponent. If spotted, you would have the choice between paying money to your opponent in compensation or be stuck in your home for the remainder of the night.

Or you could simply enjoy mowing your lawn in peace to earn more points than your opponent before judgement day.

W,A,S,D, Movement.

"Spacebar"  while near mower, Watering Can(Grey box) and Pick-axe(Bugged) to use them


- cuts grass to earn point
-you can also cut your enemies grass.

it can breakdown if you hit too many rocks (x3 rocks)

Watering Can:

-Fix that darn dry patch and grow more grass in the following day
-You can use it to grow more grass as well.


-Break the boulders on your lawn
-Don't miss the boulder or you will ruin your nice grass (use this against your enemy)

Extra ideas I wanted to implement:

Break up the Boulders and sell them to a truck that comes along each night (leaves your other entrance open to sabotage while selling)

You can "water the pebbles" and wait a day for them to grow into big rocks and sell more.

Final words:

This was an awesome way to get my hand into some more game development stuff, I really appreciate the Aotearoa game jam guys for organizing all of this! 

Big thanks to Sorcia, Noak and Daniel for all the support over the weekend!

My gosh! this game is awesome, I cant believe you got this all done within 48hrs!

This is toooooooooo flippen cute.

Beautiful game! Feels calm and peaceful then fast and exhilarating, emotional roller-coaster.

P.S. The choice of art is so nice to look at

Super solid game, Has that instant addictive vibe. Reminds me of the NFS drifting. Epic!

That was awesome. The art and gameplay work super smooth together! I really love the boids effect with the fish, makes me try to get them stuck into the corner before I go for the big "CHOMP!" -- PB chomp stands at ten. 7.35pm 2/8/2020

Man these guys are amazing ! :D