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That is great news! I am glad your doing a remake of it. I will definitely play it when it comes out!

This game is addicting ngl. Great work!

I wish this was for linux, but no worries. What I have heard it is a decent game, and I am just sad that I can't play. It's ok though you don't have to make a linux version. Keep doing what you do!

Other than my problem, this is probably the best 2D game engine for beginners.

I can't find any information on the forum. Could you send a link or just tell me?



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I am having a problem with sprites. When I put in more then one animation in sprite it turns them all into one of the animations. This really sucks because I have a project I am working on that can be continued because of this, I hope this gets fixed in the future. I am on Linux.

What game engine was this created in? I am just a curious person.

Yeah I can't use it on the itch app on linux T-T

I think it is 10/10 ngl.

It wouldn't download on the app. I am on Linux.

oh lol

Who says you can't lol

There is linux on chromebook, isn't there?

Is it online? Meaning can you play with other people non-locally.