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Thanks for Posting

I download

and after doing a survey then it would install 

the settings menu i could not seem to back out of 
every thing works fine , it unpacks much larger than the downloaded file

Thanks for Updating 

I know making it was a quite a bit of work 
and a hole lot of coming up with the code to make things happen 

I found this to be in poor taste

if the rude building was broken
then fine
but it is not

I found this to be in poor taste

if the rude building was broken
then fine
but it is not 

how about the option in the demo to 
not need the vr thing ?


Please Break the down to 3 gb slices 

I've tried like 5 times to get it and it keeps cutting out 
my internet sucks shit bags.

I purchased Pico-8 and they gave the option to download  though Legal Torrenting 

by breaking the file into smaller peaces and using the torrenting
a lot of folks can get this much quicker. please consider the idea

thank you

hi what about a a iron man like person or a bird ?
there are other file sharing sites on the net
breaking this file down to say 1 gb or 2 gb slices
would speed things up for people to get.

anther way to get this out there is torrent 
there are legal sites to share this on.

and the other type

this would speed up other folks getting it ;o)

Watched several of the videos on you showing your Game Off

my only problem is I am lousy at geographical location
I do not know 
A pointer to ware a package needs to go would be nice to have 

Thank you

(1 edit)

I have a thought for the shape of the brush 
there is a round one 

what about other shapes ?

there would be the basic shapes like 
Round Circle that is there now and then 
Square , Triangle ,

Well in that case there would be  2 version for different Directions

the user can also make there own shapes that can be stored and Shared with others let the user store the Name .

in the file the basic points are stored so quick load and a tiny file one more thing Let the person chose ware they save there file 
would complete this .

I have anther addition to this 
to be able to copy a section and past it some ware else 
two keys quick press "c" and the "V" but have this built in 

umm obj file format for saving for a 3d model 
as the program I will be using
dose not use the other 2 file types

I know making this was not easy 

please Consider ..

Thank you

The Download is way too big
it should have been 2 gb file size

I've been playing 3d shooter games on the pc for many years
Like since 1997
I have game Ideas and would never put that limited type of control in
ya I know it takes a bit to get use to

but I think are limiting what folks would
be able to work with by having it the way it is now

I remember in Duke Nukem 3d
there was the option in the game to give the player
the choice to chose which way they wanted to have the controls

so my thought to you is put that in your program and
let the player chose which one they want to use

for movement change to keyboard and mouse controls to move and look around 

it's too limited for moving 
if I had to play a 3d shooter game like this I would stop playing it 

the closest examples are WolfInstine 3d a very old dos game

thanks for making 

umm for some reason

70 percent of the keys do not work 

is there a A completed example file to look at
that can be downloaded ?