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I never doubted that you were not from this ordinary world. almost 50 years of playing video games and your work still surprises and delights me. there are so many layers! thanks a lot

no way... I just wanted to remember whose original it was

from whom?

what a lovely experience

there's an alien on the corner

I don't have refined motor skills in my hands... I would love to be able to jump with the up arrow key

i am really stumped. i am feeling soooo clever ;)


I know! ;)


as I suspected ;)

hi! this is yours?

but there wasn't the 3rd weapon in the question mark... and I still have to explore the volcano and it won't be possible without that weapon

I've been walking around for hours... I really don't know what else to do.        awesome demo, btw  

oh, everything is so smooth! delightful

it's made me really really really dizzy

pure nostalgia... have you ever played 10 by iojoe?

I would love to play with just one hand... like jumping with the up arrow and opening the door with the down arrow. not everyone can use both hands :(

it looks a room to me :( 

another amazing game! thank you, Sir

thanks for your game! it makes me feel so smart

I got happy too!

you are an amazing game designer, Sir. I'm really dizzy

there was even a tear here ... oh my ... how old am I now? thanx dude

i wish i could jump with the up arrow

ahhh, as delícias da internet

an awesome start! keep it going. cheers :)

it was kinda funny. I love it

it's really fun being a cat!


amazing game. thanx for sharing

I love the game. down arrow for switch hero would be nice

what awesome game! I've played several times