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Hey Ryan, seems like that is a blank space

Thanks for the feedback! Happy you enjoyed it

Thank you for the feedback friend! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and I'll make sure to work on the things you pointed out :)

Yea I think the end is pretty cool, it's worth it to have a look :)

Hey Ed, thanks for playing the game. I did play the game with the shorter Yahaha avatars, sad to hear that you weren't able to complete it due to this problem, I'll keep that in mind for the next game I make. Thanks for the feedback! I'll take a look at your game soon.

Hahaha blood would make the game better for sure!

Glad you liked it!

Yea I know what you mean, time constraints in game jams are a doozy

Really fun game! Great job 

Awesome game! Looks great and has a really fun twist, congrats

Really cool idea, congrats!

Game is unique and very beautiful, the music is so loud though... Had to throw my headphones away when it started to pop off

The game looks very good! Congratulations

The game looked beautiful and was a fun experience overall, great job

Game ends right at the start

Fun game! Pretty creative to create an OBBY with this theme!

I liked the concept you went with the game, I had a similar idea with mine, but that one looks a bit more like hitman, yours reminded me of MGS. Great entry!

The game looks pretty good, the gameplay wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be though, I think that if the jump was a bit faster it would've made it a lot more fluid

The gameplay is solid, some features like high score would elevate the entry for sure!

It's a bit too short in my opinion, I beat it in 10 seconds...

It's an interesting concept being able to choose your destiny and I definetly liked the cosmic setting, the gameplay was a bit repetitive to me and got boring fast, I wish there was more of a mix beteween fighting/platforming/ and maybe even some puzzle solving to keep players invested in the story.

Pretty good entry overall!

Fun game! I really liked the stealth mechanic you developed, wish it was a bit more determinant to win the game, I was able to win just by runinng around and collecting the docs

Great job friend, despite some of the hitboxes being a bit strange I had fun

done! Thank you

Oh no, I wasn't aware that people could jump inside the cage! Thank you for pointing that out, that's why having playtesters is super important haha. 

The potion goblin is not a lie hahaha, the one from your game probably glitched inside some wall, It happened to me once as well... The colision on those pilars is a bit weird.

Thanks a Lot for playing and for the input, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Awesome! Glad I got to play it this time, the map is really cool! Congratulations

Really like the setting in this one! Congrats

The idea seems really cool, I can't get past the jumps though

This game looks really beautiful! Congratulations! 

The city was really awesome! Congrats on the level design, I wish there were more objectives in the game though, like a fetch quest or something, either way this is a great entry!

Really cool game friend! Had a lot of fun playing and exploring, great job

Awesome! It was a really fun gameplay loop!

Thank you!

thank you friend! Glad you liked it

Wow! That makes it even better! Great job

Really fun game! Good job

Game looks really beautiful, but I don't think it fits with the theme really well. Had a great time playing it though

Awesome! BRs always a lot of fun, great job