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Found a second channel with almost the same video, comments say that it is fake too.  Both channels look newly created, second link is once again, unless innersloth confirms this is real, dont fall for scams like this!

hey, innersloth there is a video that looks fake on youtube claiming to give your map for free, but the comments say it is a virus. You might be able to get it taken down. other people, dont follow what the video says, it is way to fishy!

yup, check puffballs united on twitch!

what do you call the free hats?

nope, not that I know of, though it helps the developers of this great game and it is only $4. Not that much really.

is the collection of free hats not enough?

it is August 8th, new map?

just had a game with two reds

Will there ever be a way to sign in to an official account so we can invite friends we don't know so we can play with them again?

did you update your game?

Bug: Impostors can kill through doors. I was outside electrical door, the door shut and white(who was the impostor) was inside. I was killed anyways even though the door separated us. Just thought you should know as I assume this is not intentional