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Euroooooos!!!! Back at it again with the cool art! The run animation on the mouse really enforced that feeling of urgency to get away. Coupled with the blood on the screen and items it gave this sense of danger.

My only critique would be about the way the items spawn, things stacking up gets really frustrating especially since I can't jump off of other items. I think the cat could also have something else to it to make it feel like you are actually interacting with it aside from it just being, a moving wall that you are running away from.

Always love your art!

This was a nice small game! I like that you make the flies so fast, because it really simulates how fast a frog has to be to react to flies around it. I almost felt like I was playing Kovaak's Aim Trainer. Now I'll be an aiming GOD in FPS games. 

I think to sell the frog POV more you could have it so that a tongue shoots out from the bottom of the screen to wherever you click. 

I think that to fully appreciate this game people have to play the first pet version. The POV flip becomes super apparent and in a way unsettling. This really gave me the sense that I was the AI listening to the player's commands.

I would say one critique I would have is that as a spider I would've liked to walk on the walls, but I know that might get complicated with Inverse Kinematics.

Hey Arjun! This was super satisfying to play. It kind of reminded me of those videos on youtube where people build mechanical keyboards and do typing tests with them. The font and sound effect matched perfectly to give that feeling of typing on a typewriter.

A critique I have would be about the new words coming in. The timer keeps going as the next word slides into focus, but the movement makes it hard for me to read the word as it comes in so I'm losing precious time due to having a harder time to process the word. I'm also losing precious time due to the speed of the word sliding in.

Other than that loved it!

I enjoyed this a lot, I have a shallow interpretation of the game, basically just boiling down to balance. I found that adding two reds still kept the bars stable, but once I added the third it kind of become this fun frantic exercise in balancing the reds with the blues. 

I think maybe what could've helped with clicking on the headless figures would be an angled camera view, because often the person I wanted to click would very quickly run past or get covered up by another person.

The museum had a really nice atmosphere. The lighting was done very beautifully. My quick critique is that since this is in a game format, I feel like you could make the exhibits more interactive, like maybe a button to activate the explosion animation or have the fish swimming around the museum. I say this because what got my attention the most was the Toilet Lad's eyes following me as I moved around. Just that minimal amount of interaction already made the Toilet Lad infinitely more interesting to look at in my opinion.

Hello sir, I am here to be controversial and say I would like to see more things. I thought goop was cute, and I loved feeding goop pizza. But I think there could be more leaning into the amorphous slime idea. Something like have him grow as you feed him and you can see the pizza accumulate in goop's body if you feed him too fast. I would say the core of my feedback is wanting to see the effects of your generosity or lack thereof when feeding goop. Goop be cute tho, and I loved the font choice.

Thanks to you I have entered gacha HELL and I am now millions of dollars in debt. When's the next banner? I'd whale for rainbow slime. Lol jokes aside, I think you did a great job with the juicing on the "loot box" opening. The impact when the ball lands hits really well with the screen shake, and I love the opacity mask dissolve shader.

I feel like you could take this deeper into satire territory with like small bits of story whenever you reach a certain level of debt. Something like "After entering a crippling amount of debt your wife and kids have left you." would be funny to see.

Hey there I really enjoyed playing this! I love the aspect of customization. It's always cool to be able to make something your own in a game.

Now for feedback time!

One thing you could consider, is by instead of having to wait on the Life Stage timer to enter new phases, perhaps have it so players can choose when they're ready to move onto the next stage. As a player I really want to get into the flow of mix and matching the different components, and having a timer that controls that (especially one that feels pretty slow imo) breaks that flow.

Another thing for future development that could help amplify that feeling that you're creating your own unique pet is to have the different options result in a unique personality for your pet. It would be cool to see the pet you create grow into a personality that you can see expressed visually through facial expressions or different actions.

The visuals, SFX, and music worked really well together to create a mystical atmosphere. I really like the main mechanic of having to line up the colors, but other things get in the way of me being able to fully enjoy the game. First of all, I would say the rotation of the ring should be rotate by exactly one part. Right now when I rotate the ring it goes half a part, which feels unintuitive, and sometimes I will lose a part because of that disconnect in my mind even though I was already rotating the ring.

I would also note that the change in direction when I lose a part to a different color is very jarring. I'm lose a part and I see I need to line up a different color, but because of the sudden direction change I end up losing the other part and it snowballs from there.

Euroooooss! I really liked the theme and art here, the employees tired expression was so funny. The capping animation was also really nice and snappy, I had fun spamming it. So, critical feedback time. I think having a timer control when the game ends feels boring, like others have said it would be more engaging if the amount of coffees increased overtime and the game over condition is when you don't lid enough coffees (like the Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000). I think for a future iteration it would also be cool if on top of putting the lids on you have to make the actual drinks on a conveyor belt. I also loved the music is was nice to vibe to.

Just reading the title I initially thought it was going to be about like Tapper in space. I was delightfully surprised with what I ended up playing. Everything from the art to the SFX to the mechanic really comes together well. I'm going to kind of parrot some feedback others have given, but oh well here it goes. I think the difficulty ramping takes too long. At first it was nice to ease me into the flow of the game, but then after about 30 seconds I was starting to get bored and wondered if it was going to get harder. Even with the difficulty up it starts to get monotonous after a while, perhaps adding stuff like powerups for a shield or an automatic laser that shoots asteroids that get near could help break up the pace. Like Arjun, I was also thinking maybe it would be a cool idea to explore defending the Earth from the asteroids. 

This was a cute game with a nice, simple goal. It was pretty relaxing to play. However, I feel like it would've been nice to add some obstacles into the mix to add some challenge. Things like if you eat them they freeze you for a little while, or even just subtract from your total score. On top of that I think the jump and character bounce could use some toning down. The jump feels a bit too sensitive whenever I wanted to jump up just a little. Even just holding down jump a tiny bit longer shoots me all the way up. The gravity is really floaty too, so I often feel a little bit out of control. That's about it for my critique. I loved the ending screen btw, it felt like the last shot of an epic movie.

The gradual pop in of the trees felt solid.  They weren't too sudden that I felt it was unfair, but also sudden enough that it was a good test of my reaction time. However, the placement of the trees below the player as they come down towards the screen make the perspective feel a bit awkward. I would also say the shooting could use some tweaking in terms of controlling the shot. In the original, it allowed you to shoot at more of an angle for left and right, and you could also change the direction of the shot after it came out. Those two things really helped with aiming for your targets.

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The models, UI, and trail particles all have a very cohesive visual style that was enjoyable to look at. The turning and speed all also felt really good, it really gave off that feeling of being in a bike chase experience. I would just say that the shooting felt awkward to use when shooting left or right as they came out the sides instead of at an angle from the middle. Also, another thing I noticed is that there's no way to curve the shot after firing it which was a technique I used a lot when playing the original. The trees also felt too dense in numbers for the first level at least, I think it would've been good to ramp from less trees on the first level to denser on the second.

I liked the transitions from the intro screen and death to restarting. It felt a lot less abrupt than the original, which is nice on the eyes. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the WebGL build, but the acceleration is extremely slow which throws off the overall experience of high speed bike chase. Sprite sizes could also use some tweaking as, in my opinion, they got a bit too big when I got closer.

I like the aesthetic of your clone, it matches the feel of the original. In my opinion, some of the tuning just feels a bit off. The turning factor feels a bit too sharp, so that leads to awkward feeling control. Also, the speed is pretty slow compared to the original so I don't get that feeling of high speed bike chase.