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Phil Giarrusso

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Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you so much!! Appreciate the kind words and support!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing :D

Phlynn - Son of Crimsam

What kind of issue are you running into? Both sprite sheets and gifs are included for all animations, and that should be more than enough to properly implement them.

Case! Thank youuuu! You're the best :D

Thanks! Glad you like it!

That was my bad - I just uploaded v1.01 which has the sheets for the items. Thanks for your support!

Hey Alex - thanks for the support! I just uploaded the v1.01 asset pack - should fix both of these issues.

I'm planning on releasing 5 more packs, each featuring a new tileset + enemies. All of which of the same graphical style. If I end up adding any basic, universal assets to later packs (new animations for the main character, new collectible pick-ups, etc), I'll update each existing pack with those additional assets.