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Rens Agatha

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but it's look great XD

is this 18+ games ?

yep, just in case i put two language for the moment XD

haha yeah when i told my friend the contest will only takes about one month he say "Oh no" XD

maybe i will make short conversation game next contest XD i just joining the contest so i wont leave my project and go to other project

thats the problem XD my game is a visual novel games

agreed XD

Hi guys !

okay ummm, i know this is some kind of ridiculous thread. 

English is not my native language but i'm still tryng to making my game for this contest. well will i get a disqualification for that ? because i know my game later will got some mix english and broken grammar :\

I had friend who know english more than me, but this month were little bit busy for school exam. so i made this project anyway. for sure people who will test the game later may understand with the story. my point for this contest are just showing my project story, gameplay and other feature, i'm actually wanna make a Exel files for the conversation text and place the file to the game folder and the community can give some help, but because it's just a one month project i think i won't do that until the contest ends.

will i get disqualification for broken english ?

should we make a full game or just demo ?

Nice ! thank you

Hey guys i have a small question for the contest. It's say No 18+ Content: This includes strong sexual themes and content, graphic nudity, or extreme portrayals of violence.

So my question is about the "Extreme Portrayals of violence. just kinda wondering because im using an "Killed illusrtation" Not too extreme or ghory just a simple line and red color. is that OK ?

Also its because i made my project our actor can be death easly and i will show a text that say "You has been killer by him with blah blha". can i put it  ? or its will breaking the rules? 

Sorry for my bad english guys :)

ooh, well i like that pixel style

mantap bro, tileset buat sendiri  kah? good