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I left seiyuu dan s Tocchan for last cause they said its the easiest and he is super duper cute!! 

I know you have hands full with Banana Branch and also cant wait to play it...

And so just a suggestion how about making a candy crash like game for seiyuudan? Like shopping with Tocchan... I kind of got hooked with the first scene with the old man shoopping....

Haato emoticon crash with Tooru

Idol popp with Hikaru - where you get annoyed by Haato throwing weird things into the game to make it harder and he just laughs like a fool

And you could earn a CG puzzle piece with each level won.

You can choose character at the beginning to play with and the theme and CG choice depends on the choice of the character at the start.

And when you get Haato as a character you can collect new CGs that are not in the original game that features new cute or smexy CG of the targets or just put the After Strory CG in there. Or... get your fans a chance to showcase their fandom pictures of seiyuudanshi and put their work into Haato route!!!

Also you get 3 random characters you can choose for free at first and you need to finish all 3 to unlock the right to chose next character you want.

For Lucky lottery you can use the park kid who shows you the love meter in the game and the extra life and helping tools like hammer (blind fold...) you can use the shady people in the game to find them or earn..... 

^^ Thanks for reading

Yknow I think Fudanshi kun is so~ cute trying his best to help you... ...... Cant give him a lil small extra ep as a love target?..... QwQ

Hi. I really enjoy the game thanks for the hard work. 

I have a lil problem please guide me

Im playing on android on Toru route. There is a comiket on july 23 however i cant trigger the event. Haato supposed to be awoke by the alarm but nothing. Did i miss something or its not really a problem to not trigger this event on 23rd?

Oh. Thanks

That's right. ❤️

My poor Howl got left out 😭 Still thanks for all the patrons for reaching Mr. Bear. 

🙏 Praying for creators good healtb and fitness so we can play the ealrier the better. 

Also the chibis are adorable. Will there be phone cases in the future? 

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Hi. Just a question. Is there any possibilty that there will be another physical pack of seiyuu danshi with only these four ? Sadly I cant do anything with the posters and i dont need more than one keychain. 

Thats right. Mr. Lion got forgotten 😆 

But i pray we reach his route

What about the lion?

Thats good 😳😎 +1

How about making extension packs for sale from those that doesnt reach strech goal? I mean im just soo hoping for some of them to be included 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Ooh im thinking the same! 😍 Like maybe you can change to a route where you can have the 3 person with the most affection be part of your harem 😍😍 Or like seiyuu i hope it can have special episodes later. 

I really wish to reach Howls story at least but i hope it goes all the way to tge Lion