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Yes it works fine in dowloaded project. 

Yes, I tried with and without and nothing happening. Not even text showing up.

So I done everything with the description but no reaction when standing near 96s tiles. I checked and switch 201 is on at the start. Maybe I should change something in the allow fishing event? I just copied it to my project.

Okay everything works beautifully, but I have one small problem. I change my character to a different one than it is in events. So when I'm using tools, or well my actor turns into actor from your project. Do you know where I can change actor in your common events?

I will try to make a new project and see if It helps. Im sure I copied everything right.

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Hello , so I done every step as in installation instruction, but when I play test my project there's nothing in there. There's no tools icon, can't do anything. I'm not sure if It have something to do with copying Iconset, seems like something missing in there?

The game is now for free but if you willing to support don't be shy :)

I put the new release behind 1.50 paywall for respect of my patrons. After a week I'm going to remove paywall. Thanks for support!

New update will be released in about 10 days