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how come whenever i choose my type in a game it goes flip flop, and i enjoy it even more???? 10/10 game, i haven't played much but it's good so far :D

edit: so i finished all of the sweet routes, and they were all really cute!! i really recommend playing through all the routes, in order (i did ryu's first and it would've made more sense with the others routes as context)

ughhh this is so cute i love it

i came for the iida. good game tho, like the art

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Ahhh this is so good! The art style is really pleasing to the eye, the characters are interesting (albeit a tad bit predictable), and the mouths move according to the dialogue which I presume means there's voice acting or will be, but I didn't play with audio so I don't know... I thought the "only a few students per year apply so there's only 3 other people your age" thing was a weird cop-out, but I understand why the devs did it. 10/10, would play again.