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Yeaah I realize now that the tone of what I said was a little unpleasant.
I have played a few of these game jam games now.

For me persoanlly I find music a thing

 that I gravitate towards then its game play or story.   Beyond that the game demostrates tools and skills that everyone used to create the game.  It was a good effort and you should be proud of what you accomplished I am friend with QueerJunk and tend to be pretty critical at times.  If I thought the game was unplayable or crap I would have said so.

It had good elements just like much of the game jams feature creep and time becomes a factor.  

Overall it had good elements and I would keep it in your portfolio as its a lot better than a majority of the game jam titles out there.

If nothing else looking back on this title when you make other greater and better games you are super proud of will be a nice momento of where you started and how much you improved.

I hope you continue to work hard and chase the dream as this game has a lot of potential and I can see the work and effort that went into it.

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I really liked the music but it doesn't loop so if the song finishes before the game then you are left with no sound aside from the attacking sound effect.

I have no idea what I was doing I just wanted the game to end.  I got to the Manson head and it did nothing so I closed my browser.

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Good effort by the team I can see the labour that went into it.