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the glitches were so fun

i love birds

i loved all the weird glitches

got so confused with the buttons at the beginning but overall very lovely art :)

I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! the parallels are insane

(1 edit)

short and eerie! however i could only get one ending because i couldn't get into the cockpit

i actually really like snakes

the tension i felt

ive never read this manga but im going to now thanks to this game :D i've read his other works but i've never heard of this one 

i love his facial expressions 😭😭

these are ADORABLE

it crashes for me too :( it seems like a very interesting game though i wish i could play it

was that a buzzfeed unsolved reference?? HAHAHAHAHA

cute photos!

the outfits and colours are so cool :) thanks for uploading!

thanks!! it doesnt seem to work in game but now i know how press the home key for websites HAHA :D

yep its a smaller keyboard!

blackjack was fun :)

overworked and underpaid 😢cute art and character designs! the game was also very fun to play once i figured out how to make the drinks hehe

i love pissing her off LMAO

short and spooky game in time for halloween! more endings would have been fun but it was a nice game :)

stumbled across this game and i enjoyed it very much! its very relaxing to play :)

my arm is aching from fulfilling all these orders T_T this is truly fnb hell even though the customers are so cute :(

i wanted to smack that panda so badヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ it took me 272 years to build a statue on my first try HAHAHA

i was so confused at first but the plot turned out to be really lovely! 

playing with a touchpad instead of a mouse was a mistake HAHA but i had a lot of fun! very creative idea :)

spoiler alert

will i be able to play this game without a certain home key? this is such a fun and interesting concept but my keyboard is lacking HAHA

this seems like such an interesting puzzle game! the art is also very pretty :)

quite a clever idea!

i've followed you on tumblr for years now and rediscovering this zine is so lovely! your art is so gorgeous :)

thanks for the tip reply! :D

very lovely art and sound design! :) just wondering, how many boxes are there to find?

i didnt know every version was different HAHAHA it was fun finding all the different variations! looking forward to more :)

serial killer vibes were through the roof

this is a really good explanation behind the thought process of this game and it brought up a lot of fascinating points about the way we communicate with each other ^-^

an odd game with a disjointed but somehow coherent storyline! quite an unexpected but lovely surprise with all the weird glitches and time skips and missing vowels :) thanks for the game!

cute game! i hope theres a sequel with a longer plot and more drawings 👀  

thanks for the guide! the ball cup was infuriating but i got my back once i could finally rebel and get everything wrong

the jumpscares terrified me and the videos were borderline psycho 10/10 would love to see more of this verse

i'll be sure to keep an eye out for your other works! thank you for your reply ^-^