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Thank you for your feedback ! Controls are in game when you pause and on the page for the players that are playing on browsers but you're right I should have put thèse somewhere in game.

I definitely wanted to do that but I didn't have the time to do it before the jam deadline !

Thank you for your feedback ! I did think about that when I started the intro cinematic but I didn't have the dice system then and I wanted to make something a bit funnier ! I don't think that I'm going to keep working on the game tho, maybe I'll post an update to show the controls directly in game somewhere but then that's it. I really enjoyed this project and I think that there will most likely be a sequel to Andy's adventures !

Hahaha loved your reactions ! Actually Andy farted, and the other person made fun of him... Sorry about the fact that you have to wait for the intro when you restart, I didn't really have time to implement a proper one there ! Thank you for playing the game ! 

Hey ! Thank you very much for the feedback ! I guess you are talking about Andy's laughter, right now it's random between 5 but I should have made a pooling system to ensure that you get a different one each time !

Thank you for your comment, I did think about that but then I thought as it's webGL, people would check the bindings on the page, I might publish another version with the keys displayed somewhere !

I liked the look of the game, gameplay felt a little bit off but as I understood your main focus was making things look good so you can be proud of it !

I had some trouble at first understanding what to do but overall the experience was enjoyable !

Damn that monster in the bathroom...

Graphics and music were cool ! I loved the use of the limitation ! Overall a great game !

Great ! Had some trouble figuring out what to do with the dice at the beginning. Overall good, the art was neat and the controller felt smooth !

Had a great time, a bit of trouble with the controls at the beginning (I have an AZERTY Keyboard) but definitely feels good to get the good combination !