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How do I add friends? 

Why do they call him Big Hat?

Haha yes thankyou. I made the game when I was bored back when I gradded HS. But I'm glad someone FINALLY played it! Even after I forgot about it! Your criticism is well received and tbh, it wasn't suppose to be a sex game - just a humorous roast on feminists.
But, you know what, maybe I will return to this game someday, or reference it in my future works. But it's extremely unlikely. However, I want to say thanks again for offering your opinion and playing this game.

Cool! But how can I save my sprite?


Lol you lying big time

But Godot is free

Oh ok my bad haha cool pack

The last two characters are not in the zip file. What happen?

Good shit man!

Yeah thanks for trying it! I Should have gone into detail about my tool. And totally forgot to make an HTML5 version. I'll probably do that in the future tho. I hope this tool can be useful to you in the future. Thanks for checking it out! 

Absofreakinlutely! haha good luck and thanx!

Idk if my project is submitted or not. It doesn't show up in the list of things to Sumbit, even though it's Published and my other projects do show. Please help

Can i use it commercially?