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Hello, I often use ShadowsocksR to access the Internet (VPN). When I use this program, GMLive cannot run effectively. It cannot find GM's clients. I don't know why. Do you need to modify the port or any other solution?thanks..

pls fix,this node very useful.

OK, I see. Thank you for your reply!

I bought it and felt great. However, there is a question: can it be used for an object or instance alone. Like a torch or a flaming arrow?

cool,problem solved !

The structure can be pass into the official manual,however, an error will be reported in gmedit. Although it does not affect compilation, it looks awkward.Is there a way to ignore error?thanks.

Has this problem been solved? I also encounter the same problem. and after reloading the room, some global variables loaded by other rooms are also lost.

I am learning GMLive .Now add "live calls" to objects event is not difficult,but how about function in script?I noticed "live_function_add" but don't know how to let's it run.thanks verymuch.

I solved the problem, and all that remains is to learn how to use it. Thank you very much

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always pops up in the output panel  "Httperror: "