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simple and yet very original and clean game

what is this game .-.

rly cute game <3

made a walkthrough

funny game haha

the dog is so cute <3

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really creepy ngl

made a video :P

I really like how the game progressively becomes creepier and creepier. Like, its starts normal, even funny with the first store and the policeman, and then the plot develops into this very scary atmosphere where you start to findout that someone is chasing you.

I really like the effort you put in this :)

pd: the addition of the caretaker song its amazing it fits really good

cool demo

I like the psx style

I hope you make more games like this

Fun game, I liked the idea 👍

very creepy game, I like it 👍

walkthrough here 

Very scary game, short but very spooky, really like the old ps1 style!

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got both endings

Fun game It remembered me to goat simulator and the deer simulator, I did a walkthrough that should cover everything in the game.

very spooky game. the ending scare the heck out of me ngl

Great game, got scared so many times haha

very creepy game, I simply loved the atmosphere you manage to put here

if you haven't played this game yet, I would totally recomend to play it 👌

this game is sooo creepy, the fireplace jumpscare got me lmao

great game, very spooky

haha fun platformer 

there is a part 2?

f for the fish lol

more game like this lol