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Remy Reverie

A member registered May 16, 2018

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I got lost for at least 15 minutes lol

Am I the only person stuck at the block-shadow puzzle? Two of the blocks seem immovable, which seems to prevent the puzzle from being solved.

Like many others, I recorded some gameplay of Concluse! I am enjoying the game very much so far, despite getting stuck at the end of the 2nd video ;)

If you're on the fence about downloading this game, check out my video AT LEAST to see the awesome intro of the game! And if you decide you want to come along with me for the ride, then be assured that I will be posting a full series (just make sure to subscribe ;))
Anyway thank you to Studio Snowspot/ T Allen for making such an awesomely eerie game, I will definitely be looking for your work in the future!

hey hey! as many others, I just uploaded a gameplay video for this awesome indie!

but [[BONUS]] I didn't  show the ending (too spooky), so you can still check it out for yourself after seeing my video! I would love your feedback! <3<3

thanks friend! I left my comment purely as a means for you to improve the game for as many people as possible :)
It was scary as hell, and the footage I recorded is still usable!

There's definitely a room behind some hanging chains if I recall correctly, but that one needs a key as well....... I'll definitely check again when I'm ready for another recording session. Thank you!

okay.... first, the good things. Sound design is excellent and super SUPER creepy...
My main gripe... the game doesn't seem to be true full screen? in the beginning, my mouse can leave the screen and go over to my second monitor AND - OBS video recorder can not detect the game using "Game Capture" which detects full screen applications
I had to use "display capture" which is not ideal

the game itself had frame skips and the video capture is even worse. when I first open the EXE of course it asks what graphical level to display and I put Ultra, thinking there would be no problem. However, if I had been given a choice in-game, I probably would've turned the graphic quality down to try to improve the frame-rate.

I really enjoyed the game itself so I am going to try to use the game footage I got, which I'll share with you later if I end up publishing a video. Thanks for your game, I look forward to seeing future projects!

Really loving the game and also recording a Let's Play like many others here, but can I get a hint on how to get past the beginning of the sewers?

I've been reading/ skimming the comments here but don't want too much spoiled
Here's the SPOILER part of my comment coming now:
I saw the note in the first corridor. I got the spinning room and think I determined which number represents North. I don't know where/ what to do with these numbers. I see the key in the water in the beginning of the sewers, and got the text to show up for it although it is very hard to trigger it. I don't know where/ what item I need to actually get the key, which I would guess is the entire "key" to progressing the game whatsoever! If I could get one single hint (ie don't spoil the next upcoming parts after that) I would be extremely grateful!

Unplayable on dual monitor setup because the game does not run as true fullscreen, ie the mouse can move over to the second monitor and the game pauses when you click out

Hey there! Just wanted to say that I LOVED the demo! It's got a great atmosphere and awesome concept, with enough world-building to easily grow into its final build without being forced.

There are some issues here and there, but it's forgivable at this early stage! (However I will say I found a way to cheat the "fall asleep" portion of the demo ;D)

Keep up the good work! I will be keeping an eye out for the final release!