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hey Fart mcdouble (lovely x) ), i think you can, your transaction will just be converted, no?

Hey Murilo, translation in any langage is not planned at the moment, thanks for the interest though!

Hey Maonatsu, they don't have to buy a copy of the game, you can send them the apk, however if multiple people are going to play separately, in order to fully support me its always nice to buy a copy.
Regarding the printing of more cards, feel free to try it out! the app supports only up to 5 players, but you can maybe find a new exciting way to play Stribe!

The game has been printed during a crowdfunding, but never re-printed, the only way to get the game now is through this itch print & play release.

It's not planned to create this kind of content at the moment, feel free to check out the youtube video explaining the creation process of the game, that might give you a small idea of the game.

Its indeed a mistake, as i am not publishing the app on any store (play nor ios), so the only way of accessing the app at the moment is through the provided apk, sorry for the confusion!

Sorry about that, feel free to request a refund if you have that problem 

this is strange, can you provide me with the error message?

done! feel free to reach out again, thanks for playing!!

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 i didn't include any card back, for the sake of ink saving, but would you need them still? :)

Thank you so much for the support Cortok!