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Hey I am working on a map and my maps from older versions produce a legend but the current one does not. Is there a reason for that?

I noted that you wanted to talk about adding possible game mechanics. I think it'd be neat if you added larger almost arena like areas and "bosses" either making the game darksouls ish or a fast paced shooter. I do also want to say I wish you could go further down and up, maybe 5 layers down, 5 layers up that are reliable then after that it becomes a bit less likely to find rooms the further down or up you go?

thank you and it's all good. I love the tool

quick guide

for the top one focus on food and fabric, no armor, no meat, use toys, and interact.

for the top 2nd from the top you want a mix of everything, leaning more toward happiness and with more fruit and toys used.

for the 2nd from the bottom it's similar to the above but don't interact and use medicine instead of toys, additionally lean more toward meat and less toward happiness

for the bottom, basically scavenge and feed only meat, medicine, and armor, avoid everything else at all costs

I won't give names but I figured it took me a long enough time for me to do it all so I figured I'd help everyone else. The dev is welcome to delete this but more ways to identify each path and maybe hints on how to get toward them might help more.

took a long time but I got them all

just got another end one

I've gone about 7 or 8 times and have either failed or gotten guardian

I want to say, good 9/10, enjoy, but I would have loved to have other possible stories

also I showed it to my friends and they agree the kobolds are adorable

Currently can not return to menu, but otherwise it's fun, I am aware of the fact it's pre-alpha but I still think that for a pre-alpha game it's better put together than other indie titles.

I will say though the hit dice is not working, nor can I select what type of dice to use

how have more people not seen or used this or left comments? This is a really useful tool and I look forward to seeing what else you do

I'd love to play through this and see what it's like

also area size for demo shows up when looking at the genes sectionL 

also I was wonder if you might be interested in making one for schools or not.

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lost a simulation that was going for nearly 282 minutes?, and I couldn't find my way back to the food and all the bibites, could you add a "home" or "center" button?

THE STAND OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the same time I have this on 11x and it's nearing 30 hours. And this is advanced as it gets really.

yes sorry

some of the things overlap

how do you attack and restart after death?

you're welcome

I realize now that I didn't pay attention, there is no bug, I just was going fast because I was trying to make something and save it for later during class. Sorry for the undo stress, it works perfectly. :) Also thank you for my best stress reliever

sweet, short, to the point. I like it and I wish it was longer but I recognize it's the perfect length to hit what it does the way it does. Thank you.

I figured that out, and I look forward to the full release or where I can find the full release

how do you get out of conversations and screens?