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Then does it know my last name? lmao.

It guest my name wth. Anyways it was a really good game i enjoyed a lot. GG!

That crawling thing scared me! But it was really fun and scary. I hope there's more games out there like these ones! GG!

Really nice game! I love how it was all dark and it made me calm. I hope to see you devs make more experiences like these ones. GG!

Terrifying and a good game at the same time. The game had a lot of jump scares but it was still a great game and it was worth it, making a horror game like this. Nice job on the game! GG!

Good game! It was scary as hell for me. The jump scares and stuff like that got me. I beat the game after like 5 deaths. This game was fun! GG!

It jump scared me at one part. It was really fun and the graphics and stuff like that looked really smooth. Good job on the game, I hope I get to see more of these games from yous devs! GG!

It was hard but fun at the same time. It was really enjoyable, it took me a while to finish the game but I finally completed it. I hope people make more games like this one. GG

Nice game it was really enjoyable I also jumped at the part where the dude was crying. I hope you guys make more of these games! GG!