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Love that your back, but don't push yourself too hard.

Is there a way to teleport around the map? I always spawn at the spa but the house is on the other side of the map

Damn she thick lol

Also is there a way to refight people?

Are all of the locked things in the CG list unlockable, or are some of them content that hasn't been added yet? I have been running around for a while and haven't found anything new to do, I think.

Why is the name actual fun to say fast, Furry Hentai Isekai

Not sure what I'm getting into, but tan girl with a six pack wootwoot

I have not seen them yet, so that makes more since and still funny in context

Love the game and everything you do lol

Im an absolute child, reading the fix list just had me laughing. "Fixed Wuelie's penis behavior" lol

What is the best version to play? I tried 0.7, but I couldnt pick them up and throw them around like in the videos I saw lol. Also why are my ingame hands at my irl fingertips?

I think it is a great analogy, because this stuff be good

Didn't think I would see anything from you other than rabbit lol, but I am here for it!

Love your work

I have been waiting for this day. Its enough to make a grown man cry!

So this happened right after you talk to the elf girl after the integration with the witch and the pink slime. I am so lost, I have this person following me, I'm still naked, and I can walk through all the objects.

Thank you! We do not get enough futa games! lol

Oh that is perfectly fine, take your time. I feel you, I'm in my second semester of collage currently. Your game is great and you cant rush greatness.

Is the sex and service scenes for mount Lady? Because I cant figure out how to get them.

I feel like this is the first time I have seen something about Valkiry

Im lost, Like I dont know where to go next. I got the third bunny and I cant enter the spooky house. What do I do here?

what's the problem?

Why cant this be an AAA game!? So lazzy!
lol, I loved the whole interaction. I went through every NO, I hope I actually saw that whole event.
I am loving this game if you couldn't tell!

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I cant download the game due to Failed network error. Is there a way to fix this?
Google has a hard time downloading files that take like 10 hours

In the house there is one scene at the bottom that is ??? is it unlockable? I have been trying to figure it out.

Partly, but he is just so much worse then what I chose, and he is a duche by himself as well lol

Yeah sorry, I don't want to play through it multiple times each time an update comes out, but I definitely will come back when it is finished. Do you have an idea on when it may be finished?

Has a way of transferring saves when updating been added yet?

woot woot

Why would you look at the comments? Of course there are spoilers, it has to do with my appreciation and my question.

Dose N/A mean they have no lewd Scenes?

I suggest lessons of love it is pretty good it also advertises this game at one point lol

How do I know If I have seen everything? Dose anything new show up if I raise affection with anyone?

Is it your firewall saying forbidden? It will do that if it sees the download as a unknown source.

First off, didnt expect to get a DDLC jump scare, I almost shit myself. SECOND! This game is great and I love it. Is there a way to see what characters have lewd interaction scenes and what ones dont? I have only seen the one for Chika so far.

The game is great but I do have a deep hatred for the main character

I'm back for the newest game, and I am still loving it!

I sent the message before and saw that you replied, but since the stuff change I wasn't able to see your reply.

How do you use your old save with the new update (if it is possible)

How do I play the new version with my old save, is it possible?

Oh Thank you good to know!