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I'm addicted, I think.

the detail that embry's initials spell ego is cool

This game makes me NEVER EVER doubt a "Psychological Horror" steam-tag on a game.

how tf do u download? i can only play in browser and in browser one wont work

I feel like this game will make a random comeback years in the future.

never related to a protag more tbh


every time i open the game it either crashes immediately or when i get into the game either these happen :

girlfriend is a huge black box

girlfriend is a huge black box and boyfriend is invisible

girlfriend AND boyfriend are huge black boxes and when the arrows appear.... they don't. i lose immediately

ZERO of the assets load

pls help. also if u need an image here's girlfriend as a black box and boyfriend just not existing


love this game! i wish it was longer though. NOW CUT-

i liked the characters and... (despite the finger part) i think i figured out how to make marshmallows. epic 🤠

i love this!


So, I figured out some things. So far I've gotten 2 endings and I'm already in love with the game. TAKE MOKO DRAWING I DID

Aaaa i drew moko, never tried this art style before

haven't even played it or looked at it but... i drew the girl on the front, i think her name is kagami! (not done yet.)

love your art style btw!

thank u!


after you make mr tomatos angry how do you restart? i can't get him to stop being angry and the game just shuts.

kk lol. just curious cuz after it it wont let me go back to the main page.

this makes me intensely emotional and i recommend this to everyone experiencing loss or not.  i tried not to cry. this game is amazing and i recommend you playing it.

after i give this mysterious man the coins, does it end there? if it does that's cool no hate. i just wanna know cuz it keeps crashing on me ? but ill write an actual review after i get a reply

super cute! no goal, just be a frog.

quirky and amazing and short. phrog.

*the witch's house flashbacks*

puppy 💞

very good game. (can't believe it was made so short and so well with only 3 people working on it!)  it feels like its gonna have something terrifying happen... but no. it keeps that perfect suspenseful feeing while being a normal game. i love it sm!!

looks super cute! time to,,,, ask if i can play it bc my parents dont let me play anything lol

(1 edit)

is there a way to skip her dialogue? on my 3rd playthrough...

this looks fun! could someone give me a brief summary of it? no spoilers ofc, just wanna see what its about (i made a mistake watching the diner)

this game is absolutely AMAZING. it isn't for the faint of heart though. i love how the t-gotchi has a personality!! i'm not really up to write a review thats 900 pages long but... PLAY IT. its 100% worth the money. or .... just watch a playthrough. but its amazing to support the devs!!

eqix. you cannot deny it. it is ,,,, the atmosphere though 

dude, this is amazing. so underrated. it manages to put so much plot into only 10 minutes and it's absolutely CRAZY! i love the characters and theres nothing i dislike about it. the soundtrack bops too. 


so sorry for the late reply but.. what kind of computer u got? windows? mac?

petition to rename this "gothic plant shop"

That is intended to happen, just keep opening it. You'll soon have something different happen there. Hope this helps. If it crashes not at the same point, something might be wrong. If it crashes when the pet shop owner is speaking, that's intended.

kk! of course. i'm just looking for random games because i can't seem to find content. lol. ill be glad to support you in the future!!!

hi! i'm using windows 10. thanks for replying though!

this game terrifies me.

hi! since i know the creator of this is active on these comments, i have a question for him/her/them/or whatsoever your pronouns are! i'm currently trying to play in browser and i'm stuck at a screen where it says loading but it won't progress. do i have to download it?

as soon as i tap enter to start, i don't know how to tap new game..