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I pre-ordered the game

Hi do I have to write my email address here?

I'm so excited I can't wait any longer 馃槪馃槪馃槴

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Hi there I wanted to ask is it complete?

Hi there I have a question,

I played Adrian routes and this sentence appeared to me ""Hazel's epilogue for Adrian is now unlocked.""I wanted to ask how can I play it.

OK thanks 

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Hi there I have a problem,

you said that the pc versions only in steam and when I tried to buy from there, it was not accepted even though there was money. Could you please add the PC version here?

OK thanks for your reply, and I want to tell you that I use the joiplay app. I hope that the game will work if it has been updated

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Hi there how are you  will,  I am so sad , I played the game before the update and it worked in joiplay and now it doesn't can you please add an android version please I love the  game so much and I don't have computer or  laptop to open the game.

Mannequin Academy communityCreated a new topic Questions

hi there,  

I bought this game a while ago, and I only got one ending. I have a question. Will you update the game?

Hi there i have a problem i bought the game but I can't download it what should I do?

Thank you very much I have been waiting for this update I was so upset when I tried to run the game on joyplay and it didn't work and now I'm so happy thanks again 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

This is true, but there are some games that the demo works with, but the full version does not work

Hello, I wanted to ask if the full version of the game works in joiplay as does the demo?

OK I will wait 馃槃

Is this work in android

No problem, I'll wait

Hi I have question can I download this game for android 

Hello, I have a question, will you continue to update your games? I really like your style!!!

OK thanks for the info 

achieving the poly ending.

And how do I open it?

Can you tell me what is the end of Poly?

When I open the game, it exits after seconds

Hello, I have a problem. I purchased the game today and tried to open it, but it did not work. Is there any solution? And if not, can you return the money please?

Hi, I have a question when the full game will be uploaded. I am very excited, and what will I benefit from if I order it before its release?

and how can I use it?

I have a problem I tried to open this image a lot but I can't get it Can anyone help me?

Hello, I have a request. I want to play your games, but I can't because the Android is not available. Can you please add it?

Does anyone know how to buy the game for Android?

Uh, and another question, when I click on the P , it does not open with the application, but in Google, there is no problem, is not it?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is my first time buying games without play store

k i'll buy it, it will be fun

I have a question after buying it what should I do I mean will it work on its own or should I do something appropriate I am using Android please help me

no problem at all my big brother helpe me and it's worked Thanks for your attention

it's working now thanks for your help 

thank you very much for your help I will look if I have it