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Good news! The new version I just added (2.0.1) has music in it :)

Hi, you already contacted me a while back. Still the same answer I'm afraid: I'm not looking to add translations. While it would be cool to add options like multiple languages, I don't have the funds to pay other people to work on my projects.

There's no audio in this version, indeed. I have a couple of upgrades planned but sound is pretty low priority at the moment.

Glad you enjoy it! A++ for the Magritte avatar :D

Sorry, I have no plans to turn this into something for Android.

Thank you! It took a lot of work but it was very fun to do.

Cool! Would be nice to see other similar concepts out there, keep me posted on that one!

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thanks for the suggestion! I added a .pocket export and tested it in the emulator. Seems to be working. Let me know how it holds up on the Pocket.

Sure thing! I just added it. Let me know if it works.

Thanks for adding it to your collection! I see the Game Boy Camera gallery also made it in, that's wonderful. I'm digging your Sisyphos game :D

Glad to hear you liked it. I'm working on an update (between other projects), hoping to fine-tune and expand it some more.


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Thank you! GB-studio really is a great and relatively easy tool.

Awesome! Looking forward to any updates. Loving this concept for a game.

Do you have any plans of adding more to this?

Nice! I downloaded the game last week, it's very fun!