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I am expert of find bug and glitches. This happen in the bathroom.

It's game is a good graphic adventure, so fix this glitch, and continue with this project.

It's simple game have potencial as an educational game.

You can create missions in which you ask, for example, that the player shoot fish with a certain color, shape or size.

These text boxes cover a good part of the screen.

In the updates you must give an option to hide them.

This frustanting try that the ball enter in the hole with a tank.

Sorry, but this game concept doesn't convince me.

Terror and adventure grafic.

Simple, but original combination!

If you improve the control, that can be abrupt sometimes, you can make a interesting game.

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Some games require to complete the QTE.

Other games require to jump in the perfect time.

But your game require complete the QTE in the perfect time.

It's very troll! XD

If I start a new game after a Game Over, the sound stop.

You must fix this bug.

And the battles are optional, so a normal player can simple scape of the monsters.

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An game original and crazy platformer.

Play this game cost me at little to control it because you must control the character and the camera simultaneously, but is funny to play once you understand how play.

After all, the control of the camera have a interesting potencial to see traps and future obstacles.

Good work!

A puzzle game where you must find a way to complete every stage with the resources that you have.

Some levels seems imposibles at first sight, but if you have pacience, you can find the Achiles Wheel.

As a suggestion, the advice that you can pause the game with the "Scape" key must show before. In the level of he box that have destroy with a bullet, I fail the shot and I got stuck.

I din't know that I can restart the game with Scape, and finally restart the game.

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The music it's include in the kenney pack?

I don't remenber any song.

Don't matter. It's a funny minigame. The controls are hard, but it's the clasic game "easy to learn, hard to dominate".

If in the future make more levels and the turns are more easy, it will are a decent race game.

It's very crazy! Shoot canons that generate people or zombis! You have a great imagination.

It's hard to understand how to play, and win the game.

An instruction book will be grateful.

I see that is only to 2 players. A one player mode can be a good adition if you like improve your game.