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This game will seriously pull you in!! Old School RPG feel with some amazing cheezy humor and depth.

This game is Amazing!! The Atmosphere sucks you in from the beginning. The puzzles are the perfect amount of difficult just a great game to check out. Are there any plans to expand this world!? 

Fun Top Down Shooter with some interesting mechanics surrounding your parasitic arm! You have a jab and swipe ability that adds nice depth to attacking gameplay. And gives you a satisfying feeling of course when you slap a zombie after your brains!

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Absolutely brilliant cyberpunk point and click with some of the best character story and NPC interactions I have seen in a long time!!

Hey , so is the kickstarter for the game the same as the short film? Just wanted to pledge!

Seriously amazing game!! Spent way longer than it should have to find certain things but I guess ill chalk that up to loving the artwork!! Also devs have HUGE influence draw from Katsuhiro Otomo!! Tinas patch!! Good for health bad for education people!! And if its not one of his works im pretty sure that's one of otomo's sons ballpoints on that garage door!! Well now that I have gushed enough about this you can have my savings good devs!!

This was just spectacular no wonder it won 1st place at Adventure Jam 2019!! This is an amazing point and click that some a very rich and sick narrative. The character banter is some of the best I have seen in a long time. After a complete playthrough I can honestly say this is one of the best games I have played in 2019. The joke are non stop and will have you rolling!! Well Done!!

Alright so im going to come back and review once I have played through but just had to stop in and say that intro screen!! Just wow its amazing!!

Fun short platformer and the eye is brutal!!

Please is an amazing Horror short! Sound is truly everything and the unusual style and setting will have you on edge!! CHOO CHOO

This game is unlike anything you have or will ever play. This game sends chills down your spine and leaves you with this feeling of dread and impending doom. Your inner child is going to be screaming at you to close your eyes and pull the covers over your head!!! Good Luck Sleeping!! And have fun on the stairs.....

Flesh Worms is a seriously amazing game!! Music sets a great vibe and the humor is twisted!

This is a seriously good indie horror! Very chilling music and gameplay. Short demo 10-20 minutes of play time but very fun!!.

Anyone that is interested I did a full no commentary play-through enjoy!!