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Not a problem!

Your Patreon seems to be doing well, I'm really glad it is as well. You deserve all the money you make.

Hopefully you hit the point in which you can get some decent voice actresses and things, that'd just be the icing on the cake really. Anyway, thanks for the response, keep up the great work and I hope to see as much progress as possible as soon as you can. See ya, and good luck.

AMAZING! Seriously, this game is incredible and you are doing a great job. More people need to know of this because seriously, you are doing so good, it deserves to be noticed. A few grammar mistakes here and there but that didn't really matter. Some animations need a little more polishing but who cares! Keep working on this game, try crowd funding, anything! This needs to happen. I'd give a couple hundred to this if I could because this game could be really, really big. If you are ever looking for writers or anything like that, I have done a lot of things in different areas. Anyway, the point is you're doing an amazing job. Keep it up! :D