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Oh, do you mind if I ask what's the store? I've been looking to get/buy BG assets, but I've not been finding very many of them... 

Out of curiousity, are some of the BG art purchased from asset stores? That office/room in the schedule screenshot is the exact same BG I once saw in some Japanese game, and I imagine that they must have bought it from the same store.

It's your fault for making Thomas so handsome 馃槶馃槶馃槶 

Oh good, I didn't miss anything. But if you say everyone has it I guess I need to check the other route I did OMG, I didn't notice there's additional texts. 

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I am enjoying the game so far, though I haven't finished all the routes yet. I'm here to ask if there's any plans for Thomas route expansion, but I guess not XD 

I have a question though. When I was in Lawrence's route, when we text him after hearing the conversation about bloodsuckers from the kids, there's a bunch of texts in the phone that I don't recall ever having with Lawrence. The last time I text him was when MC was having trouble with the printer and there was no reply from him.

But there's this whole conversation that seems to have happened after the sports event, discussing Ray, and I don't remember ever seeing this conversation at all! I can't possibly have skipped past this...  

I WAS ABOUT TO SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT THAT CREEP. I was in utter disbelief when the ending said he has a route incoming D: 

LOL! I'll keep a lookout for updates then. I wanna see what Bastard's face looks like XD

Ok thanks :D

I have a question. So is this only a demo or is this already a full version, just that there will be an "upgrade" planned for the future? I'm a bit confused by that dev post saying this is a demo...

Just downloaded. Out of curiousity, is the "vile bastard" actually in the game, or is he gonna be added in later?

It's working now, thank you :D 

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Hello! Just downloaded the game, and I think there's something wrong with the volume settings. I tried to turn down the sound effects, but nothing changed. The music volume controller works, but when it comes to the sound effect (like the traffic sounds and the people talking sound), it doesn't change at all no matter what I do.

Damn, you guys are really fast!

May I ask what is the difference between paid and free version? The Steam one is paid, but this one is free.

It still won't download on my computer, but I finally managed to get it to download from my phone, then I just copied the file to the computer >_< 

I've only just started the game but Ortiz and Millo are my favourites so far :3

Oh, I see. The demo is old/buggy :O The teleportation weirdness is not a big deal. And all the mapping errors mostly just looks strange, but not an issue with gameplay.  The game/story itself is mostly fine :D Although I did think the maps feels too big/wide? I had to activate the dash mode because walking around takes too long >_< 

I like all the artwork. The comic-style scenes are amazing. And when you use the animation effects on them, it makes it even more "alive". It's amazing the stuff you can do with RPG Maker these days LOL. The last time I tried using it was the Rpg Maker VX era (a decade ago!!)

Also, yes, I'm from Indonesia XD I clicked the fire place and Ciel/Player said she's from somewhere that is summer all year long. Not to mention the fried rice reminding her of home, ahahaha. Sounds like the SEA area, though I just made a wild guess about the country. I was a little unsure too. Like what if that's just the character talking, and it has nothing to do with you (the creator)? XD

The game is fun! I'm a long-time RPG Maker game player, so I really love an otome game in this style! 

By the way, I noticed that there's a bunch of weird mapping issues. I can walk on the walls on the church???

 Sometimes, the furniture disappear from Ciel's room:

Also when I exit the bedroom, instead of appearing at the door, I was sent to the middle of the hallway. That is not a problem, but it just seems weird.

And I forgot to take screenshots but sometimes I can walk off the sides of the stairs in the castle (when there's no handrails). I think there's passability mode mistakes. 

Anyway, I like the art and the game. The plot seems nice so far. I can't help but wonder why she can't just say "I lost my memory after waking up" ahaha, maybe it would've helped her not have to play pretend. But I look forward to future updates.

PS: Are you guys from Indo? Singapore? Somewhere else in the South East Asia region? Or at least the player character is kinda from that area-ish? Since Ciel/Player said they're from the tropics... and sees fried rice a lot :P

Hello, I am having a problem downloading the demo :(

I click the link (Windows demo) and nothing downloads. I already tried downloading from a different browser and turning off my adblock, but it still doesn't work.


Cool, thanks. While we're at it tho, how historically accurate should I aim to be here? Wanting to figure out the boundaries before I try to brainstorm.  

Like maybe I can't include fantasy elements (e.g dragons/wizards exist!), or maybe I can't  make romance games with real people as love interests, etc. 

Not 100% sure I'm gonna join yet, but just wondering what assets can or cannot be used. Like, if I draw something myself, does it count as free? 

Yeah, I don't remember how I got there, but I think the website is called Freem? 

I only just started playing. Thank you for your effort to translate :)

I saw this game in a Japanese site, I'm glad there's a translation. I will review properly once I play. 

Oh wow, thank you very much for the offer. I had given up it being recovered because I could only find PSD recovery softwares online. I'll send you the file.

Thanks for replying. I think there's an error on my drive. Sai 1 tells me "failed to open canvas". SAI2 opens it, but the image is damaged. The canvas has turned blank. However, the thumbnail image is still prefectly intact somehow. Thumbsviewer doesn't work because apparently the thumbnail image for SAi isn't in that folder.

Hey, sorry if this is irrelevant, but is there a way to extract the thumbnail image?  the SAI file is corrupted but for some very strange reason its thumbnail is still working, so I was hoping to extract the thumbnail image ....

HI, I purchased the computer but it doesn't appear in the bedroom :( 

Did I do something wrong?

I'm playing the demo, and I can't find the social media function :(

Where do I open it? 

Appearance-wise, that is. I just came across this game for the first time. 

If he turns out to be secretly the heroine's father, I'm going to be crushed.

Er, hey, I noticed "jetblack font" font file in the game directory while playing the demo. Hope you guys have the proper permissions for it, because the font is licensed as "personal use/non-commercial". Unless that's just for the free demoand won't be in the final build.