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From what  I played on the demo, it looked good. An unexpected adventure coming from an odd encounter with a wizard, becoming a new experience to a simple civilian. That civilian can  improve his abilities and be useful on what is at hand at that moment, a  strong battle is at few days to come,  beauties on the horizon, and decitions on our hand to handle the MC.

I wish all the success to this project you guys have at hand.

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Thanks for those kind works, sadly vidme is down so probably the gampeplay I made got lost. Anyway, im hoping your plans and works are going fine. Keep going, never give up, follow your ideals. How's the  game going so far?

I really got interested on this game by looking to the art you did (the one of the title), suddenly  more related stuff  high my attention level (the images of Jello and the protagonist, the monster..) And so, I did downloaded the game and play to see what this game for now had to offer.

I wasn't wrong.

  Even tho I saw some stuff that need to polish a little bit more, the plot and how it was developed to us, let the player with a thirtst....A thirst to seek more about the characters,  a seek to see how does this characters evolve through following and possible situations, about  the past of the world where Sena lives, about why this monster seeks for revenge with him if he was defeated by someone else.

 A mistery which involves a witch, a world  on the sky with a dragon giving his energy to mantain it on float, and magic used to protect each other, a pacific place which can became violent in any moment if the people aren't prepare.

As I could say...Nokocchi..youre going on a good path about what I think when I refer to a developer. Plot which make us seek more about the game, which make us want to keep playing and discover. Charming characters.Nice art-style.

 I wish you the best out there as a developer. To a developer to a a human being to a dreamer to another...Success on your works.

PD: Sorry if I didn't read the summary you put on this page. Will not happen again

PD: Morgan is my waifu now haha

PD: Probably doesn't matter but at the morning decided to upload my 'gameplay' about the demo. Here they are: