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Well you can try via Wine or Lutris.

Oh, thank you, but i've already retired forever from game developing :) But the canceled game was up on my personal net archive which is linked in my profile.

Omg, sounds like Mick Gordon O_O Great job :) Unfortunately i was cut off myself from developing due to nobody cared about my project, but otherwise i would use it :D

Finally something unique :) Outrun + Initial D :) Great job.

Great :) Well despite i was retired from developing due not fit to standards i look forward often for some unique stuff :)

#chinisdead :) Nice port btw.

Great :) F-zero and Wipeout goes hand in hand :)

Well done :) Finally find interesting in today's gaming :) Great job :)

Great one XDD It made my day

Regardless i actualy like the form :) Also that tv ish look on screen makes it more dope :)

Almost like your previous game so many years ago, but actualy i like the redesign and that retro arcade ish look aswell :)