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Cool and gave me the creeps! It heavily reminds me of annie96, and if it's inspired by it then you did a good job. Though, I would have to say that giving choices to the player is nice and has more interaction with the game, it is a bit disappointing that the choices don't really matter in the end. 

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I really enjoyed this game and can't wait for this to finish! The art is so beautiful and the music is great to listen to. And of course the sex scene is pretty good too~

It was pretty fun, but I still find it weird that "L" would be used to confirm. I thought it would be better with "Enter" or maybe "Space". It was still fun though, and I really liked the pixel art. They were cute.

The illustrations were wonderful! I really loved the details placed into it as well, like how the bar on the cable would move up and down if the train were to go up or down a hill. The sounds were really soothing as well. I also found the "walk" animation to be super cute.