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I’m so glad I came across this VN, It has easily knocked off other FVN’s spots. I cannot describe how quickly I got attached to this game, the first 15 minutes of gameplay instantly hit me, I knew damn well that this is going to be a good VN and I’m glad I was right. Man I really went on a Tennis Ace marathon for a couple of days. At home, at work and even on my daily commute, feeling every moment especially during the tennis quicktime reactions. (just to give you an idea of how quickly I got attached to this game) the plot and story is so thick and detail just how I like it, The characters are truly well developed, we know who’s the cheeky one, the bad chef, Mr. Anxious Pianist and Mr. Scared of cherry blossoms (I’m not saying any names but we all subconsciously figured out who it was).  As a French person living in Japan for year and a half, I can relate to it on a spiritual level. Especially Victor. 

Roughly speaking.  This is truly outstanding and remarkable. Although it is honestly a shame that it doesn’t get as much attention as other VN’s who doesn’t even compare. I asked at least 3 of my friends to try it out. I’m really anticipated for a next update, and best of luck because this VN has plenty of potential and a bright future ahead.

( I’d also would like to report some bugs and errors if you’re interested )

-Reiker <3

Will it ever be updated again?

Is it normal that for Chester on day 20 when you're in the shower and given the option to click on his body, clicking anywhere but the crotch gives an error message, anyway love the update !