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Am I missing something here? Can't seem to go back and can't seem to get past this puzzle either.

There is a way out of the residential area, it is hidden though.

Thank you!

Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it.

Thank you, that is the kind of feeling I was going for and I am happy to hear it.

The controls are just imprecise enough to be frustrating rather than fun. Otherwise the key mechanic of collecting more colours of light to see more platforms is fantastic.

Would like to see more colour abilities, also an explanation of the controls. The level where red is first introduced is an excellent way of teaching what it does. Did not like the invisible blocks on the level with the falling spikes.

Hiding the flags makes it too easy to accidentally leave the game in an unsolvable state. Since the colours that cover the flags don't seem to mean anything too much guesswork is involved with trying to get a good rating. Would suggest showing the flags at all times and having it simply be a puzzle game.

I replayed it and have updated my rating accordingly. I found that once I hit the x5 multiplayer the game had a lot of lag. Also, moving between lanes doesn't consume the colour so it's really easy to not die or even have o jump after all 3 are collected.

Excellent game, I wish it was more difficult.

The penguins are super cute and look great. Could not find all 100 fish though, didn't like having to walk in and out of pickup range for each fish in a group, don't understand why the fish in buckets doesn't count towards the quest, or why movement speed is decreased when 50 fish are collected. Would be great to play with sound and more stuff!

Never got to pick up additional colours or move from the central track before dying to impossible jumps.