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Not a bad game, cool and unique

I think this may be game of the year for me.. 10/10 game and love the story I will DEFINETELY come back to this game

Prettly alright game 

A fun puzzle game! The jumpscare really got me good. I didn't expect it 馃槳

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Not a bad game, good jumpscare got me too around the beginning of the video

This game is amazing and it really got me good 

this game was actauly pretty good

this game is amazing, I like how it's minecraft even though its not from the game itself

This game is good! My only advice is to add more backround music (I edited some in) as it got really quiet in the game

Game is quite fun and i'll definitely play chapter 2!

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Heck yeah, i'll play it again

It's a cool game and I love how there was small lore on how the monster was made 

The  game is alright, kinda dry but cool objective 

This game is hella fun and ik its to mock another game

This game is awesome, I love almost everything about it. I will definitely play the 2nd game when it comes out AND A 10/10 GAME so far

I played this at night and it was really scary. Very great game too! 

This game looks and played good, the audio is a bit buggy for me but overall a great game!

It's actually a great game, I actually got scared and it;s better than most horror games atm 

Its alot better than the first game you made and it scared me more often than the 1st one too! :)

This game I'd say is not that good 馃槄 but I tried my best to make it fun!

Not a bad game, but I wish there were actual jumpscares

This game is good and I may return to it :)

The game itself isn't bad but the jumpscare sounds are confusing but overall not a bad game :) 

Not bad. Its really good and the gameplay is smooth!

This game is awesome and quite fun. Nothing wrong with it. It's just a fun horror game to play :)

Its not bad. Just a horror game :)

I didnt play it for long but its the 2nd game of the video :)

The first game in this video and the game isn't bad :)

You  game starts at 4:39 and THAT jumpscare got me really good, i thought it was a trick. Good game :)

Your game starts at 9:54 and honestly that jumpscare got me really good. Good game :)

It was a good game but i found a way to break the AI which made it easy. But overall the ending scared me hard because i did not expect that at all and the graphics are good :)

Its good so far and i like horror games that look good :)

also will the enemy be human or monster on full release?

One jumpscare got me good and it was a good game overall!

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The graphics are amazing and towards the end i started to get really scared