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It's actually a great game, I actually got scared and it;s better than most horror games atm 

Its alot better than the first game you made and it scared me more often than the 1st one too! :)

This game I'd say is not that good 😅 but I tried my best to make it fun!

Not a bad game, but I wish there were actual jumpscares

This game is good and I may return to it :)

The game itself isn't bad but the jumpscare sounds are confusing but overall not a bad game :) 

Not bad. Its really good and the gameplay is smooth!

This game is awesome and quite fun. Nothing wrong with it. It's just a fun horror game to play :)

Its not bad. Just a horror game :)

I didnt play it for long but its the 2nd game of the video :)

The first game in this video and the game isn't bad :)

You  game starts at 4:39 and THAT jumpscare got me really good, i thought it was a trick. Good game :)

Your game starts at 9:54 and honestly that jumpscare got me really good. Good game :)

It was a good game but i found a way to break the AI which made it easy. But overall the ending scared me hard because i did not expect that at all and the graphics are good :)

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Honestly the story is awesome and the game is awesome, I cant wait fro the fullgame to come out. Ill follow you to see any updates on the game too!

Its good so far and i like horror games that look good :)

also will the enemy be human or monster on full release?

One jumpscare got me good and it was a good game overall!

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The graphics are amazing and towards the end i started to get really scared

I liked the game just wish it was longer

Not a bad game just the Jump scares could use a bit of an upgrade 

it was actually a good short game :) I'll follow to play any other game you make in the future

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The game was pretty good just weird scenarios but overall not a bad game


that was a huge plot twist!

The game was actually good and the graphics were awesome too! Just the zombie sounds and the Beginning scene was kinda off but overall good Slenderman Game :)

This is the best Anime style game i've played ngl and the Ai is awesome especially in  a horror games :) 

Liked the game and the graphics are good

I like the game and how it leans qhen you move, thats something ive never seen and i like it, its also quite scary!