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Music is better much better.

But now i have another thing. I would make the spawnrate of monsters lower or/and let them not spawn everywhere. In my head monsters should not spawn on the main road or when then very very rarely. 
About the text/quest thing again. I mean i ran about 20 min around and didnt even find the sword. give me a hint somewhere in the game and not only once at an npc which i can easly miss. The shield was ok it is the only bush that is different but i did not find any other hint for the swort. As a dev you know these things because you made them, but it is easy to lose the perspective of a new player.

btw i think you do not use the normalized dir for movement (mabye i am wrong but it feals like it). so when you move diagonaly you are faster.

The text part is debatable, you have in the corner a "chat" window. I would put something like "Go to the library" for example in there. so you have the next"waypoint" or thing to do always on the screen. or in a later stage add a little quest tracker. something like this.

I released my first project a month ago so i know where you at. So good luck on your journey. :)

few things:

1. show a tool tip when the player is close to an interactable and schon the key i need to press to interact. i needed to try a few key befor i found the right one.

2. the music is a bit to loud i think. Also it hicks when i move to a different screen.

3. Is it normal that i move faster after the first fight? and sync the walk cycle to the speed.

4. not everybody (including me) wants to read throw a bunch of text at the beginning so make it clear to them what they have to do.

sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but i just tell you what i think and what i think you can improve. 

just say what is on your mind. Criticism, questions, suggestions i appreciate every comment :)