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Yes, you missed most of the game

thanks for the tip!

just updated it to make him easier, a couple people complained about that

Yeah, it ended up being almost useless. The one difference is that punching doesn't allow you to regain mana. I might finish the game someday (I already programmed the rest of the spells and planned the bosses) but I'm just not very interested in it right now. I thought a turn based metroidvania would be interesting but it's not as fun as I hoped. 

When I add a menu in a future update, there will be separate volume sliders for sound and music.

I'm planning two updates over the next two months. The first update will add two new areas, and the second update will add the final area and the end of the game.

Come back with better spells

The first thing I noticed was that the graphics are insanely good, better than the pixel art of most full games. Considering the limited time of the jam and the quality at the start of the game, I kept expecting it to end at any second. Yet it just kept going for about an hour, getting better and better. I continued playing after that hour, too, exploring everything I hadn't seen. (except one place to the left of the start that I can't go back to. I think I missed an energy orb, so I couldn't get to some places.) I was really surprised by the story and worldbuilding, really ominous and makes me want to learn more. When I got that first ability (I don't want to spoil it) I was literally just mouthing "WHAT" over and over because I was so impressed. The gameplay, art, music, story, and map are all amazing and I would really pay for a full version of this.

There are a lot of ways to handle opposite directions being pressed, such as favoring one direction or using the one most recently pressed. I personally prefer the inputs to cancel each other, so it's not a bug. When I realized it could be used to make some puzzles easier, I started using it as a mechanic.

This game is spectacular. The menu is pretty weird, but I could see this being a full game with multiple bosses. After some practice, I was able to get through the first two phases without without losing any health, no checkpoints. That just shows how well designed it is.

Thanks! Now that the jam is over, could you please rate it?

7/7 secrets hell yeah

A lot of times, the game assumed I failed a level right after I placed a third bomb, before I even detonated anything.

The level generation creating cave-like shapes works really well. My only complaint about the game is the really weird jump, with super high gravity.

Surprising amount of strategy, I could imagine playing this card game in real life.

Amazingly creepy atmosphere (even when I was playing with all my lights on). The sound of the door unlocking was more terrifying than any jumpscare could have been. Not super intuitive, but I got the hang of it after a couple minutes. Incredibly stressful but super fun and looks great, 5 stars on everything.

Thanks for playing the whole thing! That problem with the flying mechanic is something I regret not fixing. It was originally added to prevent players from abusing the flight by only being able to fly to a certain height.

Interesting puzzle ideas. Some of the mechanics, like the physics and picking up keys were a little finicky.

I like to gather the ghosts together and kill them all at once. Great gameplay feeling, but no real objective.

Really difficult, could use some checkpoints. I couldn't get past the first screen.

Really surreal experience, especially with the voices. The visuals are amazing, I spent a while exploring just to look at the models. It's crazy to think it was all made in 3 days. The noisy filter over the screen was annoying at first, but I think it made it look interesting overall. The only real flaw was the gameplay, since it's mostly just walking around and clicking on specific objects in a linear order.

I don't know if my headphones are working right, but the audio panning was backwards. I had to flip my headphones and then it was ok.

This is a lot more help than I expected, thanks a lot! From what I've seen, it looks pretty similar to processing or p5.js, but it might take a while to get used to lua after so much javascript.

I've been considering learning love2d, but this game really convinced me. Any advice on how to get into that?

It seems like a lot of people are having issues because of that bug. I had a lot of things in the game, like different music and a background of moving stars, fade in as you progress. It's a shame I was only able to catch it after the jam ended, but I will have an updated version the moment the rating period ends.

The best game I've played in this jam. It gets way too difficult in level 10 though, so I couldn't finish it. Also, there were many times where I finished a level and then missed throwing the planet into the portal, forcing me to restart the whole thing.

Didn't you make this game before?

Although it's not very original, it was executed well. The music is great and the graphics are amazing, especially the visual effects like particles. The background isn't very good though, looking out of place and low-res. It probably would have looked better if you made your own. It would have been nice to have a message when you lose the game too.

Interesting concept and funny writing, but it's pretty short.

Pretty fun, and very nice graphics. It's surprisingly easy to aim with the simple controls. My only complaint is that some planets move annoyingly slow.

I got exactly 2/3rds through (66.67%) and my high score was 192.

Very ambitious project! You definitely accomplished a lot more than I would have been able to with this idea.

However, it's not very original. As well, there doesn't seem to be much to do in the game. I would expect it to focus on exploration but there weren't many interesting things to find. It's difficult and time consuming to reach other islands, and there isn't much point to doing that in the first place. There was an annoying bug where after I died, pressing play would only bring me to the "you died" screen again.

Still, ou did a surprising ammount with the limited tools you used.

Also, (not really a complaint) opening this game gives me a warning that it could be dangerous. I'm not sure if there's a way for you to fix that.

Thanks for the comment! I'm currently working on a few minor changes such as fixing the camera movement, changing the controls, and completely redesigning the tutorial. These minor changes will definitely be put into the game before the end of the jam. There are also some larger changes I'm planning, like new blocks, but I'm not sure if they'll be finished before the end of the jam.

It would probably be better without the monochrome restriction of the jam.

Fun, but way too short. If it had a few more levels, it would be great

Fun, but hard to see sometimes

It says there are no executables in the folder, so I can't open it

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That does seem like an issue. I'll work on changing that button, probably to 'Z'.

Edit: Did you click in the game area? I'm not experiencing this issue.