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Menudo máquina estás hecho. A este paso, te haces el catálogo de Game & Watch entero. Sigue así. :D

Me encantan los juegos de Game & Watch, y este recuerdo disfrutarlo mucho. Pero eso sí, si haces uno del de Zelda, te vendo mi alma.

I look forward to the Megaman 6 remake, and I wonder if there will be a Wily Tower like in The Wily Wars.

In the meantime, I'll play the Megaman 4 remake to sate my Megaman hunger. XD

Ah, entiendo. Colonos ZX es una precuela de Rescate en Marte, y Colonos III una secuela.

Bueno, pues toca jugar a la trilogía entera! :D

Hay un Colonos y un Colonos III, pero... ¿Dónde está Colonos II? c.c

I have located a bug. You can think about the paddle, and it will generate a completed raft with no need for the other components.

Ooooh, this one looks great!

Thank you for still offering support for this game! After I am done with the run I'm at, I'm gonna try a genocide run. I expect everyone, even Malayne, to hate me, but I wanna see if the demonic spear mentioned in one of the books can be obtained, and I'm certain that a neutral run won't do.

It seems that you cannot dismiss the alraune after you have summoned her. She doesn't have any dismissal command among her abilities like the other monstergirls.

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From what I'm seeing on the demo GIFs, it's actually a power armor.

Personally, I think it would have been more impactful to not reveal this plot twist in the store page, but eh, minutiae. Game still looks awesome, and when I have cash to spare, I'll surely buy it.

EDIT: I have just realized what you were talking about, LOL. I should play Sacred Armor of Antiriad sometime.

That is unfortunate, but eh, what can you do?

Any chance that this will get a port for windows? It looks really cool, and I'd love to buy it, but I don't have a Macintosh.

Maybe it is not released on your region. That's definitely Valve's fault.

What are you talking about? It's right here:

Nah, this is a demo. If you want the actual game, you gotta get it on Steam.

I'm more than willing to translate the script to Spanish when you plan to start work on that. I am a translator with a visual novel under my belt already.

You are, yes. c.c

Xoo was my favorite of the pack, anyway, so it would catch my interest one way or another.

Now, crossing my fingers for Dr. Moonlight's Happyworld. XD

Is this an upgraded version of the game that was part of the Megallenium game pack?

Oooooh, Android port! Looking forward to it! :D

Interesting! I'll have to give it a check when I have a computer again!

I have encountered a bug with the latest patch. When I went to grab the flak cannon in a secret area, I instead got the Contra spreadshot. You might need to look into that.

So close! This is gonna be a nice appetizer while we wait for Doom Eternal to arrive!


Downloading! Thanks for the fixes!

No worries! I saw this on Alpha Beta Gamer's Youtube channel and decided to give it a try. Looks pretty fun, all things considered!

There seems to be a crash bug. When you trigger the station's self-destruct, the game suffers a fatal error.

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Some female enemies to get yuri lewds from woild be nice, as well.

What has happened to Space Cortex! Immediately after you posted the release announcement, you deleted the entire game!

I see! In that case, I will give it a try!

The message of this game lost all of its strength and became anvilicious the moment I realized it is entirely impossible to get the woman hired.

What would be the recommended specs to run this game? Just want to make sure I can run it before trying to do so!

Is there a way to play this in windowed mode?

I'm liking this! My favorite games in the bundle are Dr. Moonlight's Happyworld and Xoo. They are the ones that show the most love and care put on them, in my honest opinion.

That said, I have a problem with Dr. Moonlight's. I can't seem to find the ghoul's weakness. I can defeat it after a long battle, but it costs me a lot of spent sandwiches and bullets. Is there something that oneshots him, like with the demons and the invisible man? Or that at least does a lot of damage to him?

I find this rather fun. The premise reminds me a lot of Manual Samuel.

The only thing I have left to do is learn about the Triad's plans. The rest is pretty much done.

I'll wait for it impatiently!

It's pretty bare-bones right now, but it's very cute! Can't wait for more updates!

Do you have an ETA for the full game?

Awww, okay. Hope it's a good translation!

If I wanted to translate your work to another language, what would I need? I am not very familiar with renpy, but I'm an ace at translating things from English to Spanish and vice versa!

...Is it bad that I found the hard vore undertones in the game the thing that compelled me the most? <.<