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glad you liked it!   things really pick up  once you get out of the beginning area! if you play more be sure to let me know how it goes!

oh yea i trust it but  the playtesting folks brought it up 

This works great but it when active it flags some pcs antivirus as being malicious :( 

Yes it creates a file in the root of the project to show its been accepted. It seems like new files cant be created to the root of the project. I left  the  save plugin parameters at defaults where it creates a save file in the user data folder in the root project.  I am at work but i can send a screenshot when I get home tonight.

One issue is I use an  user agreement plugin, that needs to create a license file to show acceptance of the  agreement, and  when this is active, it cannot create that file, and the second issue I have is even with the save game handler when deployed it does  not allow the saving/loading of games.  It works perfectly during game test but after deployment not so much. I wonder if I am just missing something, any insight would be appreciated. 

Demo updated again! lol  


WAs interested in this but i see this person dont respond to comments so the plugin is probably not updated or has support 

error may be caused by a preloader plugin hmmm

When  I use this   now I  get a Uncaught Error Malformed UTF-8 data

Demo updated

I was having an issue where I wanted the attack to perform a range attack for ranged characters...spent a lot of time working on it...then i noticed i had this plugin for a almost half a year now...solved my issue in a minute lol.Thanks! money well spent lol

Ok yep, found that setting and set it to  none/0 and  fixed issue. thanks

hello, I updated to the R3 version of this, and I get this  error . I am not sure if it affects me any, seems to be working just fine currently. This was during a test battle.

Oh  I guess this is why mine doesnt work, use Elibook as well for some must have functions so I wont be able to use this it seems sigh.

fine....take my money

I saw this in passing , and figured id give it a try, you know what I played the first set of stages and I really did have a good time. When I get more time I will def check it out more.  

hmm for some reason when I  change the color codes, it just stay s white, It may have something to do with another plugin i  have ( a good bit of visustellas) Ill keep messing with it.

yep,  def can see this being super handy!

One thing I notice so far is that if you run an event using parallel or autorun, it causes the eventing to get kinda wonky but it works perfectly if you  " interact to start" an event tho.

Had to update demo this morning. 

Hey, I  posted the   Google Drive link to the demo!

you are covered in awesomesauce!   total win for the community!

One more thing, so I  notice for events that are invisible ( due to  an event condition not being met yet) the balloons still show up before the event shows up on the map.

understandable! :) best of wishes! 

hey just checking in if there was any provision added to get the animated enemies to request a motion

Easy to use and does exactly what I need it to do, I am using it to put in a few friends music tracks and being able to have the album cover art is a nice touch

np! this plugin is a godsend! thanks on behalf of the community! 

yep it works now!


hmm I havent been able to get the event interaction one to work.  Load plugin, tag event as  <interact> in notetage and choose the balloon of choice..not sure if  this is not working due to other plugins I may have

I just bought a mega bundle that has like 650 items in it... all different products, but now that  is all I can scroll through on my library there a way I  can somehow filter  those out so I  can easily access my other purchases?

I bought this in the mega bundle... not sure if I did the  right thing, since these are all separate  products, my library is just littered with 640 + items making navigating through my library impossible

These are really nice looking! 

another week another  purchase at the homies store lol

thats really cool!

You got this and the core plugin   working again! Thanks!  Huge win for my project!

Clutch! happily purchased! 

downloading now, Ill try and  squeeze in time to play it today 

impressive piece!