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I messed around with  it a  little bit,  and I  am really looking forward to see what this turns into. I love the  cast of  characters and their special type of "flavor" they provide.  So far Lady Dice ( think that was her name) is my fave lol.  The graphics are pretty nice and the controls were really responsive. I will check it out more  this weekend. 

80 secs, i think I can do a good bit better since i know what you mean by the title now lol i was spinning around wondering if something was wrong lol

hey! I am working  hard on it now lol!

You wouldnt have a sample project by chance for this?

for the sake of time, this was a 2.50 well spent. 

I just got this plugin  and  tried it out, for whatever reason my custom title page looks  pretty  bad when i have  it active.

Very solid collection for traditional rpg music

An armored military  train is exactly  what i would need lol

whispers ( any  update on that anime con pack)lol

this is another modern must have! If you ever do a modern tile set based on like anime or comic conventions I will be there!! lol

I  think the updated version fixed the issue! I installed it this morning and I  didnt have the crash. 

I have an issue where if I dont have all 4 members in the party, it throws  an error and crashes the game

as soon as I got the notification in my email and saw who it was from I just new it was going to be fire lol

Just bought this and these tracks are perfect. Do you also   commission  exclusive tracks as well?

thanks! and yes I saw the gifs so i was kinda confused, but the ctb is probably the issue.

Is there a way to program when a block happens, it uses the characters/enemy guard motion?