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too much drivel in this sales pitch. the trailer and it's voice are especially grating. too bad, because the game actually looks kinda good.

what's absolutely NOT good however, is your idea of selling this game, in fact it's a complete train wreck. get rid of the "geschwafel" (german word for blah blah) - just tell us you made a game, what it's about, and it's features, not some vague hints on some old ip you didn't even care to mention.


i could have written a better sales pitch with my eyes closed, this is not how you do it. good luck, you gonna need it.

the game: likely a solid 7.5/8.0

all the rest: swiss cheese -10/10

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Well, the C64 -is- 40 years old. It'll suffice.

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Excellent graphics. Quality stuff. Just typing what comes to mind.

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Graphics: Meh

Gameplay: Yeeeah


Good old "Return Fire" from the Playstation 1 or the one before it from the Amiga ("Firepower", I think was the name), with that kind of gameplay one can never go wrong. Good fun.

Now I'll have to make a cover for it...

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I was thinking out loud, I wasn't talking to you specifically. I just think it would be better if betas were not released, that's all...

Too many games (with good intentions or not) were never finished, so I personally avoid "previews". If a game has been finished, that's okay but not if it's just a preview that might never see the light of day. As long as it's not a finished title I simply avoid it that's all. I can understand someone wanting to show off his work but I personally will avoid touching any "betas" or "previews" because 50% of those will never be finished, so why should I try them in the first place then...

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gg for strategy fans (not my type of game tho)


(the usual) icon64 stuff. 6.8/10


previews, or betas, shouldn't be released. just my 5c

dear... god, what IS that?!? (ಠ_ಠ )

eh right, they said "DON'T SAY RUDE THINGS!1!!"

*ok, then...*

it aaah, it might be alright for kids, I guess... *sweating*

(a flying male 'pixie', *lul*)

-/10 not the milf I was hoping for :(

gameplay is borderline unfair. would be a lot better if it had standard difficulty settings (easy/normal/hard) to chose from.

blocking elements that blow up your ship that can't be avoided is so 80's (in a bad way).

5.5/10 (hard > fun). zeta wing this is not.

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I am no fan of timers so I will skip on this one...

I really dig the 'noid-like graphics on this one, sadly it has no sound and the basic version is slow as molasses.

With a little polish the compiled version could be quite nice. Without sound it's merely a demo imho.

A rogue-like that isn't a rogue like. Well, if you say so. I am not convinced, but I do like my tea with a sip of Rum. Cheers.

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Gather round, folks & haters,

T'was only a matter of time the modern day cancer known as "rogue-like" came to the C64. (Thank God the C64 is too weak for a "souls-like", otherwise we would never see the end of it).

They give us nippon-style RPG's, pathetic attempts at DOOM (lol) and stuff like this. I just thank the people who make proper arcade titles, so we may forget said stuff.

Now If you'll excuse me, I'll go for another round of Dig Dug.


Alpa-calypse? Lamas in Space?

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From what I played, it was pretty much the same. Maybe later in game it changes? I only played it for 2 minutes (That's all it took for me personally to toss it in the can).

Sorry, it wasn't for me.

I need glasses, I am too old for tiny things :P

I would like it more if it weren't so spectrum-y :/

Deck builders reaching the C64? Nice. I will have to try this out.

Hey this isn't half bad. 6.5/10 from me.

Tiny Tetris blocks are tiny (Too tiny 4 me; 5/10)

A below-than-average Galaxian/Galaga clone with some weird shooting mechanics, 5/10 at best. There are better fish out there...

Unique stuff. Normally I despise black&white games but this is done right. 7/10 imho

You might be right, It just touched a sore spot. I am dead sick of all the propaganda surrounding this topic so I might have over reacted a little, that's all...

ho ho ho/10

The game might be ok/good, but the propaganda behind it is not - "global warming" is a socialist fairy tale, it does not exist. ignoring this game as propaganda has no place on the c64. think about what you play people. think!

This does not look like much, has not enough colors but the gameplay is actually half decent. 6.5/10

Polish sausage? Lol, ok.

Another lightcycle game. Had a go for like, 5 minutes - seems ok. 6/10 from me.

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Warning, contrary opinions ahead: Snowflakes must not read on.

Ugh. Black&White ugliness should stay on the Spectrum. We have 16 colors available, how about using them! Not a fan of this at all. Quite frankly, I hate this look - reminds me of the Spectrum crap that is all too prevalent on the C64. I thought these cancerous days were over, seems I was wrong :(

Update (and reply to Roysterini, as I got blocked from replying directly):

No tricks, just my honest opinion. I am not as ass-kissing machine, if that bothers you that's your problem not mine. Now, the graphics might look nice to you, but in my opinion black & white only graphics are a bye-product of the dastardly Sinclair era and should be forgotten already. There is nothing good about that look, no matter how nice you think they are drawn. Let's leave it at that.

Dear God, no.

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Well... it's Tenebra/10

Too much thinking involved. Me dumb, me like pew pew. Sooo... 4/10 (not my type, others may like this kind)

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Noice. Reminds me of "Amidar" minus the graphics.  After "Game Over", there is no way out of that screen so you have to Reset, that's the only bug I found so far...  6/10 because I like Amidar

Would be better if some coloring was used, this looks too plain jane.