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Thank you Vexed! Big fan of your work as well, your fonts were very much an inspiration for this haha

Hello! I picked the colors myself. I made a base palette with a ramp for each common color (A light green ramp, a light blue ramp, etc) but allowed myself to use colors not in the palette whenever an icon required it to be recognisable, lile the blurple in Discord's icon.

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Haha my comms are currently closed, but i can add those to my list for the next update

Hello! Please send me an Email at

I will send you a link to a key that you can claim to attatch this asset pack to your itch account.

Thank you very much for the kind words! It really means a lot, and I'm glad you've found my icons useful!

Hello! at the moment I don't have any plans to make other resolutions for these emoji, but a 16x16 version would be nice. I'll add it to my list of ideas but I can't promise anything anytime soon, since I'm working on some other stuff that I have to prioritise. Thank you for the suggestion!

Hi! Those icons were removed from the pack a veeery long time ago when I decided to expand it into a phone app set, instead of desktop. They are also in quite a different artstyle. I'm not sure if I still have them but they arent really advertised in the versions and the only image with them is that old reddit post, but I might make new versions of them following the current style.

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Hi everyone! This asset pack used to be part of a larger icon pack I made a long time ago, but I decided to split them in two for licensing reasons.

You can get the other half here (App icons for your phone!):

Note: These two asset packs have different licenses.
"Generic Icons" is completely fine for use in your games and commercial projects.
"App Icons" doesn't have a license and is meant for personal use only.

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Hi everyone! I decided to split this asset pack in two for license reasons.

Here's the rest of them:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you have found this useful.

Hi! Will look into this when I come back from work. Thanks!

They are now! I had made a mistake uploading the files last time, should be fixed now.

So sorry about this! I hadn't checked the page in a while and I just realized my last update broke the files. The version that was up is the first version of the asset pack without all the updates, if you redownload it everything should be there now!

Sorry! You are totally right, I made a mistake and uploaded the first version of the asset pack when updating some license details last month, so the one you have downloaded is missing almost a hundred icons haha, I'm so sorry. I have re-uploaded everything correctly, so if you download it again it should be ok!

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Edit: I had uploaded the wrong version of the files in my last update so the files were all messed up, so sorry! It should be fixed now.

Hmm I may have made a mistake! Let me check

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Hi! I have been thinking of updating this asset pack with more flags for some time. It's just really hard to choose which ones. The current pack plays it pretty safe by only including United Nations Members and observatory states, but I'm aware of how that leaves important territories out, like Hong Kong and Macau, as well as widely used flags like US States, Dependant countries and other territories (Scotland, England, Greenland, Antarctica, etc)

Perhaps a good approach would be to copy the list that UNICODE uses (the flags accesible on the emoji list of your phone) but that means making a lot of new flags, which will take me some time.

I would love to add Hong Kong but it would be strange to update the pack for a single flag. I will figure this out and update the pack eventually, sorry for the inconvenience.

I've simplified the license to just be CC-BY-ND , since I do want people using this for their commercial projects.

I've also updated the license.txt and the readme file once downloaded.

Thank you for the help!

I changed the license to "No Derivatives", I think it should match now, but I will make sure when im back home! thank you.

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I might just update it and remove all the logos from it, perhaps make some more standard icons. Will look into it

Edit: for now I just removed all licenses from this asset pack.

I made these icons for myself and I just wanted people to have them for free as well, since I cant really sell them. I have been debating deleting this asset pack for some time as it only really causes me problems with no benefit.

There are lots of icons here that are not logos , the asset pack includes a lot of abstract icons, objects ,letters, etc. Ideally I wanted the license to apply to just those but that's a complocated distinction to make.

Thank you for the help with the licenses, will look into this when im back home today.

The pixel art is incredible, this game is such a lovely experience!

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I am completely ok with people using these in any way they want to. I just can't guarantee the safety of using in your projects the icons that represent company logos (without the consent of said companies)

The basic icons of common stuff like a clock or a camera can be used for commercial projects without worry, I'm fine with it. The issue is the app logos (Which are meant for personal use only, and they are the reason why this asset pack is free)

Thank you! I appreciate that

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Thank you! I have considered animation, but it really makes the production times much longer.
As reference: It takes about the same amount of time to animate a single one of these as it would take to make 3 new static ones. (At least to the level of animation quality that I'd be comfortable selling)

I really appreciate the kind words, and I'll keep the suggestion in mind! Perhaps I could animate a few of the more popular ones in the future.

Hello! Is there any way I can help with that? Is there some flag you would like me to add that would be more appopiate?

Hello! I use aseprite

Huh, that's strange. I'll look into my settings and see if anything weird is going on. Thanks for letting me know!

Glad to hear that! All requests are saved, its just a matter of getting to them and prioritizing the ones that appear the most.

Yes, the flag is in the asset pack saved as "Haiti.png"

It should be there, I remember making it: Let me check though!

All sovereign nation flags should be there

Well, making a tutorial is an unjustifiable amount of extra work for a free project like this. All I really wanted to do is share the icons I made for myself with other people, and to have a small project to keep updating when I don't know what to do.

 It blew up a bit more than expected, but I still can't justify making a video for it (Especially when there are hundreds of similar videos already out there)

Thank you!

Hey! I actually made one but it isnt updated yet. Soon!

I am! 😅

And about mobile games: Maybe. Depends on how many people request them, I already had a few requests for minecraft

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I would love for people to use them in games: But I had to choose that licensing because app icons are in a bit of a gray legal area. They are based on copyrighted company logos, after all.

And thanks for the compliments! I'm glad that you liked the assets 😄