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Impressive, great, speccy-curated version. We have an exact arcade emulator for pacman on +3 machines but this one is clearly better suited for speccy.  it will not be easy to top this one off. thanks.

tertemiz oyun olmuş ama "anti-crates = -5" puan mı :D oyun tasarımının birinci ilkesinin ihlali :D oyuncuya verdiğini geri alamazsın! Tabii ki herkes eksiksiz topluyor herşeyi yine :D çünkü olmaz öyle şey! :D eline sağlık mis gibi c64 oyunu olmuş, yenilerini bekliyoruz :D

nice and fun, played until to the "End of content" :)
too bad it's a half-finished project. Now all it needs "content" :D better gfx and you got a game! :D

I'm impressed. Very playable!

nee zx spectrum fontları mı? dikkat et yaşatmazlar :D

lol it looks fantastic :D Great work! 
Btw, four lives issue, it's a bug actually :D I didn't realized until it was too late and I was too lazy to fix it. :) Thank you for your interest!

You can do it yourself! it's a basic program. Load the game in 48K mode. Just press Break Key (Shift+Space Bar or esc depending on the emulator), type CLS (v key) and press enter, while screen is cleared, type GOTO 41 (g 41) and press enter again.  The game will never re-draw the bezel.

it looks like an lcd game. Not easy to play or understand like the old days. I guess it's ok then :D Spectrum-wise, it's good work.

Güzel çalışma olmuş, bunu geliştirsen 80'lerin oyunu oluyor işte :D