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The 4th ending has to do with the code part of the game(Like, when you're falling down the tunnel that blinks CODE).

Just wanting to know, and, yes, there are 4 endings

Thanks for enjoying my game! I'm currently making another game for the jam in a similar style, and I think it's better than this one, personally. Also that's a great drawing!

This game created a sense of dread, but really could use some work around the edges. I liked it. Final Rating: 4/5

Get ready for the best, derpiest twine game ever. Also can I submit multiple things because there are two I want to submit and both can't out-derp the other.

What Sprite editing tool would you recommend for making games

Just making sure if it's allowed; I can make a good game for the jam with bitsy.

The only item you need is the cassette at the end, all the other stuff is for the plot. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You did win! Congrats! How was it?