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Loved it! So heartfelt, it was so cute and had an unexpected depth to the story that made me love the game even more! 

Always excited to play all your games and cannot wait for the next one to come out! You never disappoint. 

Also a spelling correction I noticed:
"Vising Taro from down the street." Pretty sure it was meant to be "Visiting Taro from down the street."

Excited to play this so much after the first game! Haven't played it yet, but I just know I will love it :3 I was wondering if you were ever gonna make wallpapers or some sort of fan-pack for your games? I would be interested to get it if you did :D

Hehe no problem, always happy to help! Love all your games!!! :D

The game was really short but it had a lot of impact, I am really happy with the ending and all the characters. It felt relatable :') Great work as always! <3

Loved the ending of this part, sad but they are making it together :) Can't wait for the next part!

I love the dynamic between the two main characters, so cute! 

I also wanted to point out there was one scene where there was a spelling mistake:
"questions" is "quetions" here

Waw I loved this! I loved seeing the guest appearances too TT^TT great game as usual <3

I get really nervous at the idea of playing RPGs for some reason, but so far, I have loved all of yours! I played about half of the Wolf Treat series and all your RPGs are short and sweet, not overwhelming but still has a great story line and of course, your character design is impeccable! Love every game I have played so far, going to play bad end theatre soon :D

 I don't know how to mark this comment as a spoiler or if it is even considered a spoiler... So I will just be vague, I love the art and the progression of the story so far, nearly teared up :'D Enjoying this series a lot so far :)

I never really play RPGs but this was really straightforward and so far, I really like the story! Can't wait to play the next part :)

I played this through completion this time (only finishing one ending the first time I played) and I can say, I absolutely love this game! It is super charming, the art is wonderful, and I love the ending :) Great job on it, I saw on your Instagram and Twitter you are making a sequel, excited for Yuki's 4Ps 2! I plan to play all your games~

I am planning to play all your games in order of release dates and this game is honestly so cute yet discusses important topics, I got all the endings! I love the character development and art :) Excited to play Lone Wolf next! <3

In awe with how this game was executed, loved everything about it and the various endings! Art style is perfection, would recommend to all!

I really loved the concept of "her tears were my light" and started following you on itch and twitter! After seeing one of my favourite indie game developers, Angela He, tweet about the game, "Starry Flowers," I just knew I had to play it! I was more than blown away by the lovable characters and cute art style :) Would recommend this to all people who love cute gay witch boys <3

I loved this game, it was nice and sweet! <3 Hope you keep making more games, would love see more!!! :)

A lovely short game to start off my morning! Really enjoyed it c: <3