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Hi this game crashes as soon as I left click on the screen.

Thank you! I’m pretty sure I just clicked a random one, so I’ll have to check on that.

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That's okay! I am actually saving up for a gaming laptop, so that will probably be able to run Interactivity. The game looks awesome from play through videos! I hope to play the game myself in the near future. Thank you for all of your help! Also, do you know if one of the two downloads (32 and 64) may work?

I am running the game on a 4GB laptop. The game runs smoothly, but some of the walls appear to be missing.  I can see into different rooms too. I tried to take a screenshot, but all that appeared in the folder was a black screen. 

Ummm... I played it for a bit, but all of the walls seemed to be invisible. Please fix!